El Abrazo De La Diversidad: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Update: Isabel Garcia’s Job Endangered by Jon “Jackass” Justice at Problem Chylde. Join the Campaign to End Hate Radio – visit the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos website to help end hate radio and support Isabel Garcia. Also Sign the Petition: Justice for LaVena Johnson, a soldier whose death has been covered up by the military.

The Diversity Train Has Arrived at Eristic Ragemail. The strangest argument I hear from the nativists is that “diversity equals death.” Huh? I guess these guys and gals don’t get out much. Both Houston, where I was born, and New York, the place I now call home, are very diverse and are both great places to live. It is in large part due to the diversity these cities provide.

Speaking of diversity read Influx brings Brazilian `bounce’ to NYC suburb at Immigrants in the USA Blog. Also read Some Immigrants Face Long Waits to Become U.S. Citizens, Classes aid immigrant students’ assimilation and Religion remains an immigrant’s lifeline. The Gypsies Did It – or so the Italians tell us at Dream Act Texas on the ill treatment of people’s referred to as Gypsies in Italy. You may remember the story a few weeks ago where Italian beach goers carried on with their sun fun while two children lay dead under beach towels right next to them. Also Immigration Policy is a Civil Rights Minefield. Even though nativists like to believe only citizens have rights the truth is every human being has rights and the Constitution states as much. That’s why the immigration debate is about both civil rights and human rights. Civil Rights are being violated as “brown” people are considered to be undocumented on site and human rights are violated as we deny those in need and rather than help them throw them in prisons. The posts continue with San Jose students teaching about protection during ICE Raid and Immorality Reigns in the West’s Immigration Wars. Your Rights During an ICE RAID at Dream Act Texas.

Watch the video XP Hits the Small Screen where he speaks about immigration on Green Watch TV at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Buchanan thinks McCain will make Cheney look like Ghandi? Watch the video Warmonger McCain Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi at American Taíno.

Stewart’s Wife Strains Resources and Causes Sprawl at Anti-BVBL. This post asks the quintessential question for supposed pro-legal immigration anti-“illegal” immigration groups. How can you be pro-immigrant when all you do is badmouth immigrants and provide no solutions to make the immigration system more positive? I think we know the answer.

Culture Kitchen links to The Sanctuary’s 5 English Lessons From the Anti-Immigrant Movement. Also check out I love Bernie Mac because he found the funny in the pain of truth a posthumous nod to a great comedian.

Breaking News!! Soap Opera Politics Vol 1 Issue 23: The GOP – A Party Divided!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

On African Americans, Immigrants, and Civil Rights at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Business Seek to Promote Immigrant Assimilation, Change Tenor of National Immigration Debate, Non-Immigrant Waiver for Deported Aggravated Felon

For once, some good news! One of our clients, a former LPR who was removed as an aggravated felon in 1998, was recently granted a non-immigrant waiver through the London embassy to visit her children and her parents in Texas. As far as we know, this is the first time that someone in this situation has been allowed back in on a non-immigrant visa.

. Sudanese Refugee Leads U.S. Olympic Team and Great Immigration Documentaries.Read a little about MARCO ANTONIO SOLIS – MAS QUE TU AMIGO at Mexico Trucker.

Today : Getting Kinky at Central Park Summerstage at Vivir Latino along with One Weekend, Two Losses : RIP Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes and Evo Morales’s Position in Bolivia is Safe (for Now).

Guest Blogger: LDS and Prop 8, a California bill set to refuse marriage for same sex couples, at woc phd. Also Guest Blogger: Loss on the death of Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes.

U.S. Ilegals guns killing thousands in Mexico at Pro Inmigrant and ICE Preventing Terror from abroad but creating Terror from within.

Nota bene: Scholars & Rogues’ world-famous hot links at Schoars & Rogues.

Daily Headlines: August 11, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.


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