Team America: World Immigration Police

Welcome Team America! Gayle Harrell did not win the primary so I’m quite pleased. Just goes to show that maybe you need to change your name.
The anti-migrant plan for dealing with undocumented immigration is akin to putting together a ship-in-a-bottle puzzle by assembling the ship outside the bottle then staring at the hole. Their ship is deporting migrants while the bottle this tactic must fit in is the real world. Their enforcement only approach does nothing to solve the real issue which is ‘why’. So we’ll never have a solution just more money pouring into violent technologies and a world crumbling under the idea that the wealthy shouldn’t have to be disturbed by the poor.

One politician who believes in this ‘enforcement only’ approach is Tom Tancredo who tried to build a presidential campaign on calling migrants terrorists. According to A Blogs For Arizona post, reprinted at Migra Matters, titled “Graf, Tancredo, and Buchanan: Tres Banditos en Tucson” Tancredo knew full well he wouldn’t win the nomination, but that wasn’t the point. He just wanted to get the right wingers to look to their right a bit and now he’s using that juice to push local politicians.

He’s doing this with Bay Buchanan, Pat Buchanan’s sister, at Team America PAC a political action committee which exists to curb immigration. While the stated mission only cites “illegal” immigration the truth is Bay, like her brother Pat, wants to stop both legal and “illegal” immigration.

I know they’re not interested in telling the truth because they claimed on the Team America site that I’m for open borders:

While these two and their supporters are staunchly against “illegal” immigration you won’t find them talking about fixing the cause. They’re only concerned about dealing with the effect. This is an irresponsible approach to a human problem. The “enforcement only” or “attrition through enforcement” approach is a sick solution which only supports the idea of a police state. Arkansas is learning about this approach to law enforcement now. (24-Hour Curfew Hopes to Cut Back on Crime) Instead of practical approaches to deterring crime it seems this community believes keeping everyone indoors will solve the problem.

While Tancredo claims that “illegal” immigration is the biggest problem in the United States he openly states, in an interview with John Hawkins at Right Wing News that he realizes the public doesn’t agree.

John Hawkins: In poll after poll, by a large margin, Americans have appeared to support cracking down on illegal immigrants. Why do we have so many people in government who still don’t seem to take our immigration laws seriously?
Tom Tancredo: Because they don’t believe that people will vote on it exclusively. Most of my colleagues believe that they will be able to finesse this issue. That is to say, that they will be able to tell their constituents, “Yes, it is a problem, we’ll have to look at it,” but it won’t be the thing most people vote on, it won’t be the ultimate issue. As long as that’s the case, they can get by with finessing it.

In this same interview Tancredo stated we should employ war technologies on the border. This isn’t exactly the thing you expect from a country that sings “this land is your land…”

Tom Tancredo: Long before Bill O’Reilly said it, I proposed that we militarize the border and that we use drones, sensors, cameras, radar & every other technological advantage we have in this country to actually control our borders.

The following quote is from a Houston Chronicle article:

Tancredo pointed out that in 2005, the Mexican government actually produced and distributed copies of a “Guia del Migrante Mexicano” (Guide for the Mexican Immigrant) which contained “practical advice” for Mexicans on how to safely sneak into the United States. (A sensible write-up on this document can be found here.)
The guide contained tips on everything from crossing rivers and navigating the desert to ones “rights” as an illegal alien if apprehended. The booklet is widely available online. This increased the flow of illegal aliens into the United States – illegal aliens who will be returning to Mexico through Sonora as enforcement efforts in the U.S. intensify.
“Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security and Government Printing Office can return Mexico’s 2005 favor and help local officials in Sonora cope with the influx of returning Mexicans,” said Tancredo. “We can develop a ‘Guide for the Returning Illegal Alien’ packed with helpful information like how to get back to various points in Mexico from the U.S. border, and a reminder that illegally immigrating is, well, illegal – and has consequences.”

Tancredo said he is exploring the option of drafting legislation to authorize the production of the booklets.

Here’s what Mexico Trucker thinks of Tancredo.

Here’s what Peak Dems Blog has to say.

Tancredo Setting New Standards for Racism at Wonkette.

In Peter Brimelow, Purveyor of Hate, Master of Vdare The Subway Canaries writes on Tancredo’s defending VDARE, a hateful anti-migrant website who celebrates the first white (European) born American in its name.

From One People’s Project:

While vigorously fighting for the anti-immigration platform for many years, the most hypocritical part is that Peter Brimelow is an immigrant himself from England. That’s right, born and raised in England, moved to Canada and became a naturalized Canadian, then moved to the United States and became a naturalized American citizen. So how could an immigrant himself be such a staunch anti-immigrant? Simple, Peter Brimelow is a racist who is against the non-white immigrants, and wants to rid America of anyone who is not white like him.

Crooks and Liar writes UPDATED: Bay Buchanan on GOP: ‘We assume our candidates have been loyal to their family.’

Bay Buchanan provided an “extreme makeover” of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s 9-11 accounts at Media Matters.


4 thoughts on “Team America: World Immigration Police”

  1. Would any other ethnicity besides white people even be debating on whether or not they want to dilute their political ethinic majority?

    This is a democracy right? Were we the people ever asked what we thought about allowing all of these non-white 3rd world people in?

    How about this, we get everyone who has an ancestor who was naturalized in this country before 1968 to vote in a public referendum on this immigration stuff. Give every real American, not a recent immigrant, but someone who was born here by real American parents a vote. Both positive and negative, make the number like +/- 1,000,000, total it up and let that be the number of immigrants we either allow into this country or deport from this country in the next decade.

    That’s simple fair and democratic.

  2. Don’t be silly. Nobody asked the Native Americans. Get some humility.

    The only ha ha is the notion of a “real” American. What does that mean?

  3. There is so much misrepresentation of the Tancredo point of view that I do not know where to start. First off-Tancredo is an descendant of immigrants and has spoken about that legacy. He is for controlled and orderly immigration in which he proudly states that we let in one million new citizens a year.
    (He regularly attends swearing in ceremonies)
    The fact that three million Mexican nationals cross our unsecured borders every year for the past ten years does not bother you. ????
    In a time where you and I both have to take off our belts and shoes and take our laptops out of our bags at airport security (because we are in an age of potential terrorism) means you ignore that and complain about border enforcement. ????
    You are going to deny that the Mexican military does not escort drug dealers over our southern border on a regular basis.
    Drugs, human trafficking, and letting the Mexican government off the hook to deal with their own economic problems and the welfare of it’s people, you are OK with all this???
    Oil rich, white Spanish blood ruling class oligarchs of Mexico can easily fix their problems.
    But that is not where you put your anger. Tancredo is a bad man because he suggested rational solutions that will effectively solve this problem.
    During one debate his told the story of a meat packing plant raided in his district. After closing for a short time the plant reopened with newly hired African Americans workers who live nearby and the company had to pay an average of $2 an hour more and help with transportation of these workers.
    The undocumented workers “went home” (their words) and now pressure is on the Mexican government to provide better paying jobs.
    Sounds like a win-win to most of us on both sides of the border.

  4. I don’t agree. Tancredo believing that immigration is the foremost issue when we’re killing people in Iraq and possibly going to war with Iran is irresponsible.

    Tancredo, like most anti-migrant politicians, is attempting to use immigration to anger the public to vote for single issue politicians. (While they obviously have opinions on other issues, we don’t often here them). After all he has formed Team America solely to battle immigration.

    We can site relationships and statement that tell us what the real “problem” is with immigration. Even Yahoo had a story on it today. White Americans no longer a majority by 2042 .

    It seems everyone against immigration has a different take on how many undocumented immigrants are in this country. While the widely accepted number is 12 million I see you believe we need to tack on another 18 millions. How did you come up with that number?

    If you believe in capitalism do you think companies should be forced to pay people a particular wage? Did this company you site get in trouble for hiring undocumented migrants? It seems few do.

    Did undocumented migrants who are so often cited as failing to speak English actually say “went home?”

    Bottom line is that we need to start providing opportunities in other countries so people don’t have to leave their homes. Why are we in Iraq having removed a leader we put in power when corruption exists so close to us? Why do we have no responsibility, as the most powerful and richest country, to those in our hemisphere?

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