In A Stroke Of Fate: Luis Ramirez Deserved To Die

Apparently there is some eroticism in the death of Luis Ramirez for one PA Pundits blogger who has taken to publishing hearsay as truth for no other reason than to justify his violent death.

What is wrong with the world when the posthumous berating of a human being becomes more important than curing the anger within a community over an obvious hate crime?

In this “update” from PA Pundits we are still not told that the teens who beat Ramirez to death where at a Polish American block party – it’s continuously referred to only as a block party. Rather it is implied that Ramirez was at this party with the teens and got into a fight with them. While there is no record of this testimony available the writer feels that making Luis Ramirez into a criminal is essential to their case.

From the looks of the message board the writer frequents I feel there are possible white supremacist intentions in trying to salvage the reputations of three white teens who beat a man to death while yelling racist comments. Rather than promoting tolerance and trying to relieve a community of hate the writer simply wants to feed the venom that allows these types of acts to continue. He deserved it – he doesn’t live by our standards, he deserved it – he doesn’t belong in our community, he deserved it – he’s a criminal, he deserved it – he’s a Mexican.

PA seems to be teaming with intolerance so I suppose finding a writer at PA Pundits doing it is no surprise. From Bill Balsamico to Joey Vento To Lou Barletta to Our Town’s Bob Beierle and now PA Pundits. PA, what’s going on?

Shenandoah Update – There’s More to the Story

Posted by Wendi Medashefski on August 14, 2008

Update on death of Luis Ramirez

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been contacted by several people who want to share the information they have but are unwilling to use their names for whatever reasons. I am attempting to piece together the story based on the information provided from these sources. The reality of what actually went down is very different from the the versions told in mainstream media articles.

Here’s this writer’s attempt to champion the boys as heroes:

I am not yet sure how the boys ended up at the park at that time, I haven’t been able to verify any of the suspicions provided. Some of the possibilities include:

1. Ramirez had sold the boys crushed aspirin and told them it was cocaine.
2. The boys and Ramirez agreed to meet and fight over any number of reasons.
3. The boys happened to arrive by a stroke of fate, finding Ramirez engaged in sexual conduct with Mary and attempted to stop him.


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