White Supremacists in Shenandoah Rally – Yes They Were There

It blows my mind how people refuse to see things right in front of their face. Yes there were white supremacists at the Shenandoah VOPUSA rally and yes one man did say “too bad it was only one”, referring to the death of a Mexican migrant, and another said “he got what he deserved.” This is only what I heard in the following video. I can only imagine the comments the video did not pick up. (While I don’t like the speeches given by the person in this video at least she said he didn’t deserve to die in response to the man’s comment. However, she did say he wouldn’t be dead if he never came here which is an ill form of logic.)

If anyone wants to refute the fact the that United States was born, populated and made to be the richest nation through domination please do. But until then the truth is that the U.S. took its land from the natives, grew strong through slavery and indentured servitude and to this day pushes poverty onto other countries so it can have its glory. No matter how high gas prices get or how hard a job becomes to find you’ll always see people camping outside an Apple store when some new gadget is released. In American we have it that good. It’s time to get some damn humility and stop treating other people like dirt. We need to wake up and understand that others should be able to live decent lives too and giving to one person does not have to mean taking from another.

Anti-migrant protesters speak of “us” and “we” and “our” as if they speak for everyone. The truth is they speak for very few. It’s apparent when these rallies do not bring out a majority of the population that the speakers, all from out of town, do not speak for that town. They do not represent me and there’s a good chance they don’t represent you either.

With that written let’s look at the recent Pro-America rally held by Voice of the People USA in Shenandoah and some obvious signs that there’s trouble with a movement and a group.

First of all here’s an image from the news station’s coverage of the event:

Notice the sign on the left that says “third world immigrant make third world nations.” (See it on the right in the picture below.) Does that seem like the message of a pro-immigration group to you? Well, the people holding these signs are white supremacists. In this picture you can see the same bunch in Harrisburg at another of Voice of the People USA’s rallies.

(click the picture to see others from the event on Flickr.)

How many times do you think this group has said – your views are not welcome here? As far as I’ve ever seen, none. The white supremacists are welcomed along with Maddy Sue down the street. The more the merrier. They not only call them out, but they claim they weren’t there at all. Strange.

Ok, now let’s look at the guest book of Voice of the People USA. There’s a person who posts there quite often who calls themselves Ciaran. This person apparently helped put together the Shenandoah rally. This person also calls Obama “Onegro.” No, doesn’t sound racist to me at all. And does VOPUSA say anything about his comment? No, they allow this to dominate their guest book. As I said – the more the merrier.

Another poster there is Erick K states he like Mel Gibson over Chuck Norris because he found out Norris has Native American grandparents.

I dunno Ciaran…I’m partial to Mel….especially since I found this . . . “Norris’s paternal grandfather (an immigrant) and maternal grandmother were of Irish descent, while his paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather were Cherokee Native Americans” . . . (from wikipedia). . .

And since the VOPUSA guestbook is open for anyone to view here’s one more:

Ciaran Wednesday, 8/6/08, 6:46 AM

There’s a concept about, in my circle, and and attendant phrase, to white: “Worse is better”. Do you know what that means, those reading these words? (I know that Mr. E. does)It means that most Americans are very decent, very kind, very, very, very, very, very hard-working people, who cannot imagine that all the Third World parasites flooding into the USA could ever mean any harm, and “just want ot make a better life for themselves, and thier families”.

When you have white supremacists at a rally where all references to a particular group of people are Hispanic that’s a problem. And you wonder why people think you’re racist?

These anti-migrant groups claim to know all about undocumented migration. They read all the latest CIS reports, but they don’t seem to understand that many are undocumented because of expired visas. They didn’t come over in a truck and they didn’t swim across the Rio Grande.

It also doesn’t occur to these groups that there are many Irish immigrants here without documentation as well as people from other countries not located below us. I guess the Irish aren’t as fun to go after and they tend to blend in better because they’re white and instead of two strikes against them (residency status and language) they only have one which can’t be detected by the naked eye.

What I find interesting too about anti-migrant groups is there insistence on claiming undocumented migrants don’t speak the language. Okay, so if they are proven to be English speakers are you willing to give them a chance? Sadly, I don’t think so. So why is this even brought up? If all you want is the law to be enforced then what do you care what language is being spoken – you don’t want them here right? I believe these groups are really talking about legal immigrants here – the one’s that don’t “assimilate.” There are many recent legal immigrants who still enjoy the customs of their home country. Again, when an anti-migrant group claims that undocumented migrants don’t assimilate are they saying they want them too? Of course not, they want them deported. What they do want though is for legal immigrants to know their place and that they’d better assimilate. It’s easy to see that much of the anti-“illegal” immigrant rhetoric is actually aimed at legal immigrants who don’t fall in line.

Will someone please wake up and admit there are white supremacists at these rallies? Don’t you think that’s why you’re not getting your 80% of the population that Gheen claims are against undocumented migrants?


3 thoughts on “White Supremacists in Shenandoah Rally – Yes They Were There”

  1. symsess,
    Wonderful post! Great pictures! Glad you attended and posted the TRUTH! I am so tired of the other side providing their slanted views.

    Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for taking time out from dealing with the “patriots” on your site to comment here. The pictures were actually taken by someone else who I don’t know, but I’m sure glad they took them.

    I think we have to continue exposing these people and the obvious fact that they are not promoting “unity” or advocating for “legal” immigrants. You do a wonderful job of this every day. Thanks.

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