Shenandoah, PA Rally – Ruth Miller’s Speech

Continuing the transcription and comments (in blue) of the Shenandoah, PA rally speeches here’s Ruth Miller’s speech. (link to video on You Tube)


Daniel: First up we have Ruth Miller. She drove a long way to be here. Her website is Illegal Protest and she’s going to address you all for a few minutes.

Ruth Miller: It’s good to see so many people here today. I came from suburban Philadelphia, two hour drive to little Shenandoah. First time I’ve ever been here. I’m really very happy to see this turnout because I was one of the people that was a little concerned with all the rhetoric I heard about being racist and I thought we might attacked, but I’m glad to see the town supports us and I’m happy to be here.

The ‘rhetoric’ is in stating you felt you’d be attacked. What is the feeling based on? It was a Mexican man that was attacked by white teens in this town and the majority, if not all, of those in attendance are white.  You’ll see in another video (which I’m finishing transcribing now) that a man points into the camera and says “white power.” (see 3:11)

I’m just a regular person like you guys that got mad and started to speak out and got my little website going so that I could complain about what I saw was wrong.

What was wrong?

I don’t know all the facts of this case, but neither does MALDEF, LULAC or La Raza. They don’t know anything either until the trial is done. (That’s right) So don’t go demonizing these poor kids before you know all the facts. (That’s right. Exactly!. — and cheering) Exactly. There’s a lot of facts that should come out in this trial that will make things a lot clearer. Though I can’t say – I can’t defend these kids – they did something wrong. They should not have beaten him up. (It was a fight) It was a fight, but it was a tragic accident. These kids did not intend to kill (person says “he shouldn’t have been here”) Mr. Ramirez. (Cheering and someone says “illegal”) I’m sure of that. And I don’t know any of you people (a man says “he got what he deserved”), I don’t know anything about this case. I just don’t believe that these teens intended to kill. (a man says – “it should have been more than one.”) But you don’t repeat that if you listen to MALDEF. (man says again “he got what he deserved.”)

Nobody knows everything, but we do know that there was a fight between three white teens who were yelling racial slurs at a man they eventually caused to die after kicking him in the head while he lay unconscious. We also know that they were “illegally” drunk. Does the person stating “it should have been more than one” represent those in the crowd? If not then why do people like this get coddled by these speakers who are “proud” of everyone who was there?

Now I don’t think he deserved to die. I think Luis Ramirez would have been alive today had he stayed in his own country. (cheering) And this little town is a microcosm just like Hazleton of how pissed off we’re getting that a law is not being respected that our politicians are not representing us and our language not being respected.

Here Ruth responds to the man in the audience who said he deserved to die. I find it quite sad that she even had to address this, but then she goes on to say he’d be alive if he hadn’t of come here. Well hell, he’d be alive if white Europeans hadn’t come here either, right? That’s just sad and sick to hear someone say.

This is America, please speak English here.

Is this really the issue or is it the fact that people are here undocumented? Why is speaking English such a big problem when these people don’t want migrants here anyway? This is just another excuse for their viewpoints because if undocumented migrants spoke perfect English we’d still have to believe they would be against them – based on their anti-“illegal” immigrant stance.

So now all of these people, these MALDEF people have descended upon this town and they’ve made it a poster case for the wave of hate. You heard about that? The La Raza wave of hate? They like to say that this is a wave of hate because we’re demonizing illegal aliens. That’s why the teens did what they did. They’re wrong. The only hate I see is in Los Angeles with —- being killed by an illegal alien in cold blood and the — family killed in cold blood. They were murdered on purpose. That was not an accident. That was a wave of hate and it’s not being perpetrated by Americans. It’s being perpetrated by the people that come here illegally.

First of all Shenandoah is not a town of hate – though some of it’s residents have clearly demonstrated hate in these videos. The boys did indeed demonstrate hate just as other violent criminals do as well. To say “the only hate I see is being perpetrated by the people that come here illegally” is obviously ridiculous. There are many citizens who practice hate. Read a little about the BTK Killer. That was a sick, sick hateful man and he was a “good member of his community and church.”

And lately we hear people complaining about the raids – stop they raids they’re dehumanizing. Well guess what – what’s dehumanizing is to come here in the back of a truck, trade yourself like — (?) to smugglers. That’s dehumanizing. You have chosen to be dehumanized and the raids are just going to put you back where you belong.

So being born into poverty and being so destitute that your only chance to make a living by packing yourself into a truck is now a way to “dehumanize” yourself? Wow, aren’t I glad I won the birth lottery and never had to dehumanize myself. I guess it just sucks for the billions of people living in poverty around the world. Making the victim the villain is just another form of propaganda for these groups. We live high and mighty in the United States so I guess we have the right to spit on everyone else and call hard working migrants criminals. There’s a huge difference between a person here without documentation and a violent criminal.

They also say that we invited them here. Did anybody here invite illegal aliens? (no!) That’s what I thought. It’s the big business elite that are controlling this country. Politicians they have invited them here to live among us. They are the slaves. They are the modern day slaves. And we’re the ones that have to live next door to a house with twenty illegal aliens in it. (yeah) And we don’t like it. (no) That is whey they are able to come here illegally because they’re not paying taxes, they’re not paying for registration for their cars, they’re not paying for insurance so they can live high on the hog and send money back to Mexico. So the people who are to blame are our government. Mexico is to blame also, because Mexico makes money from what they send back. We’re boosting their economy with the, what they call it now, what they send back – remittances. The Mexican economy depends upon the remittances of the illegal alien slaves that we’re using. So it’s to their benefit. The illegal aliens are really a victim – so are we – we’re all victims.

Did anybody “invite” our ancestors here? I guess that’s nothing we should evaluate since we benefited and the idea is to disallow others this right. Here we have the kick them out sympathy plea. Get rid of them because they’re slaves. Well how about making them citizens? They couldn’t be treated this way anymore, right? Truly they’re making a better living here and feel the conditions are better than in their own countries. We do often hear tragic stories of human trafficking and enslavement which is allowed to continue as we ignore the reason people choose to come here in the shadows.

The rhetoric that undocumented migrants don’t pay taxes is false. In one breath these groups complain about false Social Security numbers which actual pad Social Security and in another breath they state migrants don’t pay taxes. Which is it? Groups like this one claim there is grand scheme to boosts South American economy, but this money is not going to the governments of these countries. It’s going to these migrant’s families. And if the Mexican government wants undocumented migrants here so bad why don’t they help them get here? Hundreds die trying to cross the desert. That doesn’t sound like anyone’s trying to help these people get here to me.

I had an analogy I came up with just today. If you had a party and you put an ad in the paper would you invite everybody in the town to come to your party. I don’t think so. You usually invite who you know, right? I know who these people are and who I want in my home. Well our country is our home and we don’t want people coming uninvited.

If this country is truly of “we the people” then that means all people. So just because you don’t want someone here doesn’t mean others don’t. And the analogy that this country is like your house or your party is ridiculous. I have an analogy for you too. Let’s say I had a party and invited many people over. Let’s imagine the some people I know didn’t particularly care for one another. Should I still invite them? Should they try to get along for my and my parties sake or should one beat the other to death? I’d like them to get along. So try and get along. Let’s have a party – sounds like a better idea than an anti-“illegal” immigration rally.

And people we don’t know try to talk…(cut off)

One thing I want to point out too is that we don’t need comprehensive immigration reform. We don’t need to reform anything except the people in our government. We need to get them to enforce the laws. (That’s right! Yeah!) We already have laws. We had an amnesty in 1986 where part of it was that we were supposed to enforce immigration law. They let them in and they let them have citizenship, but they did not enforce the law. And now we see the results. The result shows that it did not work. So why are we even considering doing it again? That’s just what’s wrong with the whole amnesty discussion and that’s what it means when they say comprehensive immigration reform. That means amnesty. So we do not need new laws, we want to enforce the ones that we have already. They are plenty fine and they cover harboring illegal aliens, they cover aiding and abetting, they cover employing. So all you have to do is enforce them. Punish the employers who are bringing them here and paying them under the table depressing our wages. They’re depressing our wages. If there’s a shortage of labor like we hear in congress. We heard Bill Gates saying ‘we don’t have enough workers’ well why are wages not going up? Supply and demand. And why is our unemployment rate not zero percent?

If you don’t believe we need some type of immigration reform then you haven’t done much looking into the problems with the current system. There are many “legal” residents, which this group claims to be for, that are waiting years to get their papers through. Some people become “illegal” waiting to for this. So please help them out and ask for a reform to this system so you can truly help the “legal” migrants you claim to advocate for.

To ask why the unemployment rate is not zero percent is another ridiculous tactic. A quick lesson on the unemployment rate from

Since zero unemployment is unachievable in a free labor market, Milton Friedman used the term natural rate of unemployment to describe the baseline rate of unemployment, considering that some unemployment cannot be avoided. The natural rate of unemployment is the sum of the frictional and structural unemployment rates. It does not include cyclical unemployment that results from a downturn in the business cycle.

When the unemployment rate falls below its natural rate, there is upward pressure on wages, and the economy runs the risk of inflation. Rather than a simple trade-off between the rate of inflation and the rate of unemployment, under the natural rate hypothesis once the rate went below the natural rate, inflation would accelerate. The natural rate of unemployment became known as the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU).

The natural rate of unemployment changes over time. In the U.S., some mainstream economists have placed the natural rate of unemployment in the 5% to 6% range, though other economists have placed it as low as 4% and as high as 7% over the past several decades. This variability and lack of precision in the natural rate of unemployment represent a source of uncertainty with which policy makers must deal.


The unemployment rate rose to 5.7 percent, and nonfarm payroll employment continued to trend down in July (-51,000). Employment continued to fall in construction, manufacturing, and several service-providing industries, while health care and mining continued to add jobs. More…

Many companies that don’t make up the jobs that “Americans won’t do” have been laying off employees. This obviously effects the unemployment rate while having nothing to do with undocumented migrants.

They’re saying they’re doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Are there jobs and any of you won’t do? (a man says “Burger King”) If you were paid something you can live on.

One man says he wouldn’t work at Burger King, but I imagine he wants to eat there. I don’t like the they do jobs Americans won’t do mantra either. This belittles the capacity for many migrants to do what they want to do, not just the jobs some consider to be bottom rung. While no job that allows you to support yourself should be scoffed at it is try that many migrants have difficult jobs that require hard and arduous labor.

I think a better discussion on economics is needed here. One where we bring in the fact that ‘saving money’ leads to employers paying less and then we drive just outside Shenandoah and see a huge well lit Wal-Mart more than likely frequented by the people at this rally.

That’s the problem they’re not paying enough money to pay your taxes, to pay your insurance and all the things that citizens have to pay. So that’s what’s wrong with that picture. (a woman says “and get the language to”)

I wanted to mention too. Across town – across the other side they’re having a unity day to counter what they call racist and hateful speech. Have you heard any hateful speech here today?

Well, yes and no. I didn’t think the speech was hateful except the part where it was stated that Ramirez would be alive if he was in Mexico. I say he’d be alive if those teens were raised better and weren’t drunk. And while the speaker wasn’t hateful, the comments from some in the crowd were.

Have you heard and racist speech here today? (hell no.)

If they truly wanted unity why are they supporting illegal aliens coming here who are not speaking our language? (illegals! get ’em out.)

Does unity come from people pointing fingers at others “not speaking the language” or from a desire to help them learn the language? I can tell you that unity does not come from having an anti-“illegal” migrant rally after an undocumented migrant was beaten to death in that town.

So what is unifying is if the country obeys the same set of laws and everyone applies to the same set of laws. That is what is unifying and if we speak the same language. That is unifying. Not allowing diversity to take over unification. Unification is the same language, the same laws applies to everyone and we know that’s not happening. (man says “strike one baby.”) Press one for adios. (applause)

I guess that’s not a form of prejudice identifying the “illegal” aliens you are talking about by using their language. It’s a nice choice too, especially when these groups like to interpret the Spanish language literally. “Adios” means “goodbye” as used here, but literally translates to “to God.” I don’t think God believe in kicking out people in need.

So I just want to wrap up and say don’t let the other side scare you. I can see that hasn’t happened here, but they’re trying to scare us, they’re trying to label us and they try to silence us. And I want you all to stay strong. I’m happy to see you here and keep up the fight. Don’t give up. (no way.)

How is the ‘other side’ trying to scare a group that is advocating for teens that beat an undocumented migrant to death? Who should be scared? Obviously not he people at that rally. And nobody need label anyone. It’s apparent this rally was in bad taste and we heard it from the crowd in the comments “he deserved it” and “too bad it was only one.”


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