Save Shenandoah By Preaching Hate?

Because holding an anti-migrant rally in a town where a Mexican migrant was killed after berating him, his friends and fiancee in a blog was not enough we now have the wonderful site “Save Shenandoah.”

What’s the first post you ask? It’s a story explaining how vile a human being the victim’s fiance is. Of course, her fiancee is beaten to death and she’s just an attention loving money grubber. Nice.

If anything tells you the mindset of these people this is it. They thrive on bashing other human beings and turning the U.S. into the very place they claim undocumented migrants are creating.

Well guys and gals I’m sure that “white power” guy from the rally is ready to give you a big hug. You all really need one.
Here’s the website’s banner:

And here’s “white power” (3:11 in the video) guy featured on it.


3 thoughts on “Save Shenandoah By Preaching Hate?”

  1. “Hey I think that’s our white power guy” How lame and weak is this posting!?! How naive of a statement as well. So it is now safe to say that anyone that looks different and has no hair and tattoos is a “White power guy” huh!?! Are you not guilty of stereotyping now? Did you specificly ask each and every person there if they were race haters? I am sure that you didn’t but I thought i’d ask anyway, pretty shallow and I really expected better as well. Were you there in scranton last year when I told all race hating groups to go to hell? I bet you were’nt! Simply put, we rally for the issues that concern the people and when they come to our rallies they are not preaching and advocating hate, they are utilizing and demonstarting their constitutional rights as americans first and foremost nothing more nothing less! When people attend our rallies they are in an audience that is filled with people of all races and genders and have you ever seen any hatred derived at any of our people? NO, but that’s besides the point, if some moron yelled “White Power” then I pity them and hope that they one day will wake up and see things for what they are and know that we are a colorblind nation that consists of so many great people of all nationalities. So please, do me a favor and stop trying to constantly tie all of us in with some hate group, if you deem it necessary to tie us to any such thing then I guess it is safe to say that all of the politicians and candidates for office that have been associated with our events are somehow racists by proxy right? Come on! I am truly unimpressed with that sentiment. I just hope that constructive criticism will become a mainstay again rather than one sided attacks. I do hope that all is well with you though and I truly hope that everything is good with you and yours and again great work on your continued efforts to rescue and find homes for all animals, that is a great and noble cause and I thank you for doing what you do.

  2. If I was a group that attracted white supremacists I would think twice about what I was doing.

    That doesn’t mean I think you’re a racist. But your guest who spent so much time making Ramirez out to be deserving death sickens me. I can’t believe you support that. The anger and evil need to stop. Migrants are not here to destroy us or eat our children. We live in a world with billions of people and they all have hearts and souls just like you and me.

    Whites are a privileged class as they always have been and to think that minorities are trying to be counted as equals shouldn’t offend.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I hope the same for you. There’s a big difference between my disagreeing with you and my feelings on your health, etc. Of course this isn’t about personal attacks. I’m attacking the rally and the thought behind it. We all have capacity to change for the better. Nobody’s perfect.

    C’mon with the rallies. Stop working for a group that white supremacists love to love. There are so many other things that need to be done and if we focus on collectively helping each other everything will fall into place as it should.

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