Shenandoah, PA Rally: Daniel Smeriglio’s Speech Pt 2

This continues my transcription of the Shenandoah Rally videos.  The speech is in black text and my comments in blue.

Daniel Smeriglio Speech Part II:  (link to video)
Daniel waves the mic around in a joking manner. Why is this something that should be fun? A man was killed and supposedly there’s a ‘serious’ problem with undocumented migrants in Shenandoah. —-

Daniel: I just can’t get used to this little speaker. That’s ok.

So, I support, you know what – myself, Wendi, Eddie, Dan, Ruth and everybody else including the people that didn’t want to come. I do speak on behalf of Andrew Woodring who’s the VP of this group. He got stuck working.

We support all of you. We believe in all of you and I promise you this.. when the city council gathers I heard that you were talking about the IIRA – putting it on the table – putting it up for vote. We will be outside the city council. We will be trying to urge them to listen to the people that will gather and what something done about something that is suppressing our small towns, our state, our country. (applause)

We the people refuse to be oppressed any longer. (applause)

Is he saying white people are oppressed?  That citizens are oppressed?  Didn’t a citizen kill an undocumented migrant?  This is an attempt to cater to a crowd that believes being an undocumented migrant is somehow a better life than a person born in the USA (let’s face it, these are not immigrants here).  Many of these people would probably like to see an end to affirmative action.

I hope that when this goes out over the internet – when the news media, when the few that do, when they cut and edit and put out anything that will make us look bad. That’s ok, but still the message gets spread to more people.

And the message is if a person in your town beats an undocumented migrant to death VOPUSA will come galloping in, and in catering to a minority view will teach you how to get rid of the rest of them.

They see what we’re doing. Ladies and gentleman we have had rallies with ten people. Ten people. That was a success. If one person can put their fear aside and show up and stand up for themselves, stand up for their country, that is a moral and a country wide victory. (applause)

How is vilifying human beings a “moral” victory. I’d like to know the definition this group has for morality.

A lot of good groups still continue to fight the illegal immigration issue that is crippling our nation, but a lot of other groups have also disappeared after last year’s attempted amnesty. We’re here to say that we will not let that issue go away. We will not let that issue fade. We will not go silent into that good night. We will continue to speak up, stand up and fight for this country. (applause) We owe it that much.

This makes little sense to me. Aren’t they trying to make the issue fade? Aren’t they trying to make it go away? Of course, I agree. Let’s make it go away by doing the right thing for humanity and rather than vilifying migrants let’s keep building this country rather than allowing the government to tear it apart.

I’m getting to the end cause I don’t want it to rain on anybody. Wendi’s going to speak next. (heard some cheering and some boos) wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard that – usually can’t wait for me to go away. Want me to?

Ladies and gentleman I want to talk about something very quickly. On September 11, 2001 I lost two uncles and a cousin. I was in New York City when that happened. I’ve seen hell on Earth and I seen a country come together.

I don’t know what Daniel went through losing his family members, but I was in the building (Tower 2) when it was hit and I know the terror of that day. However, I will never mistake the heinous act of those people with a migrant’s desire to live, work and raise a family. With all due respect and sympathy, to confuse this two issues intentionally is a very sick thing to do.

— (At this point it’s obvious something is happening. I believe this is where Crystal Dillman unfurls a Mexican flag. The text on the video reads:

“Three Girls (not women mind you) – including The girlfriend of Illegal Alien Luis Ramirez (it’s important that he’s labeled “illegal” so we don’t confuse him with an actual human being) – Unfurl a Large Mexican Flag In The Middle of Americans”) —

Just ignore. (“get ’em out of here”) Just ignore ’em.

Ed Men. grabs the microphone and says “Don’t give into them this is a peacable assembly. Stay here.” (“you don’t belong here.”)

Ladies and gentleman understand that when people counter us they have that right, but they do it because they see tv cameras.

No, it was because her fiancee was beaten to death and this gathering is essentially to advocate for the boys that killed him. The response that she’s doing this to be in the media is gross and show’s little respect for a person suffering from loss. Here Daniel wants us to understand his suffering, but fails to understand the pain Crystal is going through.

And the media buys into it and continues to advertise it so shame on them. I see they don’t care about September 11 apparently.

And you don’t care this woman’s fiancee was beaten to death apparently.

So maybe my story wasn’t compelling to them. What it comes down to is – talk over them – (“don’t pay attention to them. don’t give them attention. they’re not worth it.)

What it comes down to is after September 11 a nation was in fear. A nation was scared. A nation didn’t know how the next day would happen, how it would go about – what life would be like in this country. And the citizens of this country came together and moved on.

Did they move on or did they start to militarize the country and go after hard working migrants? I think we know the answer.  After 9/11 many Americans wanted blood and they started attacking Muslims within this country.  The distrust for Muslims is still apparent in dialogue surrounding Barack Obama who is often “confused” with Osama in the media.

Residents in Shenandoah you can do that too. And by coming here today you show that you are not afraid to stand up, move on and become a stronger community. Stand up for yourselves. And combat all that wish to ail us and harm us. (“get her out of here she’s scum. get her out of here. go home you scum.”)

(Daniel starts chanting “USA, USA” and crowd joins in. He then adds then area code “462” into his chant.)

Will chanting USA make the bad guys go away?  The bad lady whose fiancee was beaten to death.  Will this drive the ‘demons’ from her body?

(In an odd moment quite fitting the camera is seen being wrapped in plastic.)

I’m sure this will be the highlight on all the news channels. The critics have spoken, but I think the critics both have the same sentiment as all of you so here’s to them. they tried, but failed, but God knows it will be on the news tonight. So good for them and good for the ___ we don’t play into media ____. We don’t care about the media that is here today and show bias.

Bias means they don’t show what this group wants them to

We applaud every media outlet that does their job the right way, non biased, but to the rest of them, go to hell. (applause – This may be where they take Crystal off the field.)

Go to hell?  Rather harsh language for a peaceful rally.

We have one more speaker ladies and gentlemen. Log on to Voice of the People USA dot com. Everybody please back up, please. Ladies and gentlemen – Ladies and gentlemen please if you could focus this way. Just come over here. Don’t pay them any mind.

The police are doing their job and they (the protesters) want an audience that’s why they’re doing what they do. ___ they display that they don’t agree with us and whatever the case, that’s fine.


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