Shenandoah, PA Rally: Ed Mendashefski’s Speech

Shenandoah, PA Rally: Ed Mendashefski’s Speech – (link to video)


Ed: I’d like to start off by saying Dan has a great point. They say there’s no jobs there, well where are they? The unemployment rate should be at zero. The richest nation in the world and we have people starving, but we can spend 398 billion dollars on illegal immigration. Come off it. Our government has to wake up.

There are people starving all over the world. That’s why they come here. Apparently we are to forsake them for our own comfort because truly America and Americans are far superior to everyone else. Chant with me – USA! USA! There is no such thing as a zero percent jobless rate. It’s this kind of thinking that comes from anti-migrant groups as justification for their thoughts and actions.

I’d like to thank the local law enforcement of Shenandoah, the state police we thank you and the folks of Shenandoah because we have a peaceful group. We are not hear to start any tension. I see unity here how about you. We know there’s a problem with immigration in Shenandoah.

Locals pronounce it Shendo, but he says Shenandoah (they all did). This goes to show the difficulty the English language sometimes presents to people.  How is promoting the death of an undocumented migrant a form of unity?  This group does want unity – they want everyone to think like them that we should treat some people like garbage.

ICE doesn’t always come. Local police already have their hands full with everyday misdemeanor crimes and anyone attempting to identify someone suspected of being an illegal is met with accusations of racial profiling. (audience boos) Well first of all if you are illegal what gives you the rights besides the rights of a human being?

You have no right to our Constitution. It’s the American Constitution.

Actually The Constitution protects the rights of all people.  I thought it was the United States Constitution or The Constitution of The United States of America – but why get technical.

There is a legal way to combat the influx of illegal aliens in our small towns. The illegal immigration reform and immigrations responsibilities acts, IIRA IRO. Does anybody know what that is. (yeah)

The Immigration and Nationalization Act – this (crowd laughs because he can’t make out the words on the paper he’s reading from) sorry about that. This __ allows local law enforcement to perform immigration officer functions. In essence allowing state and local police officers to detain immigration status and enable immigration proceeds. This means our police can put illegal aliens in custody and begin the deportation process. (audience cheers)

The Department of Homeland Security enters into an agreement called the Memorandum of Understanding which requires local police to be specifically trained and supervised by ICE officers. The training consists of four weeks and is conducted in Charleston, South Carolina. Once the training is completed and the Memorandum are entered into police, correctoins officers, detectives and investigators are given the authority and the resources to then to investigate violent crimes, human and drug smuggling, gang activities, money laundering and sexual predators (emphasized). (man says “that’s the main one” and repeats it.)

Being supervised by a group that finds a white man in blackface to be a good costume and asks local officers to join in raids “because it’s fun” really makes me feel good. What these groups fail to recognize is that many officers don’t want to be immigration officers. I don’t even think some of them wanted to be assigned to this rally.

Foreign born criminals and immigration violators pose a significant threat to our national security. That’s why 9/11 happened.

9/11 had nothing to do with migrants crossing the Mexican border. They were all here on student visas.

The muscle hijackers began arriving in the United States in late April 2001. In most cases, they traveled in pairs on tourist visas and entered the United States in Orlando or Miami, Florida; Washington, D.C.; or New York – 9/11 Report.

People sneak into our countries. They overstay their visas. Well, I think that’s our government’s fault in a way because they need to keep track of them. (Woman says “the towns have to do it first.”) Exactly right. Our elected officials also have to step up process and that’s something that only you can do by starting a petition and giving it to your local officials. Say “this is what we want.” “We put you in office . Do your job already.” (applause) (woman says “and come to the meetings” – “come to the bourough meetings” – woman says “Lou Barletta”)I already had some local officials invited here, but apparently they don’t want to show. (audience boos

Since when did immigration enforcement become the main job of local officials?  Does failing to enforce immigration law mean their not doing their job?

There are currently nineteen states having 287(g) going. Pennsylvania is not one of them. Shenandoah is now in a situation where the people that live there can set a new president after —. The community political action group coupled with citizen’s crime watch. That’s something you can all start. You see something going on you get on that telephone. Don’t be afraid of them – this is our country. (applaus and man says “police can’t be afraid either.”)

This is not a crime watch it’s an undocumented migrant watch. That’s what they mean here. Why should this town be afraid of undocumented migrants? Seems it should be the other way around.

This is going on not only in Shenandoah – this is going on across nation. (man says “nothing happened in Hazleton” – “yeah, what’s up with Hazleton?” ) Yeah, there was a gentleman shot by the __ store in Hazleton by two illegal immigrants. They didn’t even go to trial, they were deported. (Man says “yeah, because….)

I would just like to say I thank each and every one of you. This is what America is about. Getting together when things get tough.

Let me understand this. Things are tough for a group advocating for the beating death of an undocumentd migrant. Odd. Notice he, as does every other speaker, thanks “each and every one” of those in attendance. This includes the white supremacists apparently.


3 thoughts on “Shenandoah, PA Rally: Ed Mendashefski’s Speech”

  1. The unemployment rate should at zero. The richest nation in the world and we have people starving, but we can spend 398 billion dollars on illegal immigration.

    So much wrong with this statement, I don’t even know where to start. Guess he never took Econ 101 or he’d know the unemployment rate is never at zero. Somehow I don’t think being uninformed will stop him from weighing in …

    I don’t even know what he’s saying in the second sentence.

  2. Yet again you make false accusations and poke fun at everyone. Wow, are you what change is all about??? Now I see that you truly are no better than the others out there. Yet again you assume people with tattoos and bald heads are racists. Yet again you are guilty of stereotyping. Did you question everyone there and ask them if they are race haters? No, Did you ask everyone there if they are advocating the beating death of other’s? No! So yet again you are stereotyping the citizens of that town. Good job! So I assume that people that are bald and look different should stay away and not utilize their constitutional rights! If someone yelled “White power” then I pity them and hope that one day they will grow up and knock off their pathetic and shallow train of thought. When people come to our rallies they don’t advocate any hateful agendas they actually come as citizens and keep anything hate related to themselves and if anyone speaks something hateful out loud then I will do as I did in Scranton and tell all the hate groups to go to hell! Oh that’s right you weren’t there for that either were you!?! By the way your ” That must be the white power guy” posting in your other story is really and truly pathetic. What a lame attempt to make a point, very inmature as well I might add. Yet again you are guilty of singling people out and making false accusations about them. Is this the compassionate angle? I respect the hell out of you but I really expected more of you the same way you expect more of me and if you read my other comment on another story you will then see all that we are doing for the community. Anyway, why wasn’t there a write up on here about 9/11 this year? It would of been nice to see another write up rather than you trashing us again.

  3. First of all I’m not poking fun at anyone. You guys can do what you want and so can I. Since almost the beginning of your group I’ve been transcribing all your speeches. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

    How did I make false accusations? The guy said “white power.” It’s the same guy. Check for yourself.

    Why do you keep saying I call everyone with bald heads and tattoos racists. For those I claim that of I provide why I believe it to be true. Nobody speaking was a white supremacist and I never said they were.

    You’ve got two of them writing in your guestbook and anyone can read their obvious anti-minority comments. There’s even a congrats to one of them for helping with the Shenandoah Rally.

    This is what I do Daniel. If we lived in a better world I wouldn’t have to have this blog. As a matter of fact I was about to start a new more positive blog until you held this rally. I knew then that I was forever to be forced to remain here.

    I really don’t get you. One minute you’re compassionate about issues that speak to all people and the next your speaking about the undocumented like they’re dirty criminals.

    You couldn’t even understand why Crystal would be upset at your group? Does her dating an undocumented migrant make her a dirty human being? That’s insane. She’s suffering. I don’t care what you think about Ramirez the man was beaten to death and she misses her partner. You know, as I do, how it feels to lose someone you love.

    What the hell is going on here? Stop it already. You want to sit down, talk and work together with those that disagree with you? Then stop catering to people that have made Ramirez out to be scum in some effort to bring sympathy for those boys that beat him. Sure the whole thing is sad. I wish it had never happened.

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