White Supremacists Slander Shenandoah Rally? – Save Shenandoah

It gets awfully old and tired to keep pointing out the obvious, but it must be done. The site “Save Shenandoah” claims that it nor the site Voice of the People USA has nothing to do with White Supremacists; yet, you can clearly read white supremacist statements by two of the people that post in their (VOPUSA) guestbook.  Truly, not everyone their participates in this ill talk, but it’s irresponsible for them to claim it doesn’t exist there when it does.

Are ALL of them white supremacists? I don’t think I’d go that far nor do I have any proof, but they definitely have bad judgment and care little for those that suffer. At least one person aligned with VOPUSA spent a great deal of time belittling Luis Ramirez and his fiance Crystal Dillman.

Apparently a flier placed in driveways of residents in Roxbury, NJ recently which claimed the Shenandoah rally, held last month, was an Anti-Mexican rally. While it’s not hard to find examples of anti-Mexican sentiment by some of the people who participate in these groups (some also belong to ALIPAC) I did not see that rally as anti-Mexican. However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to make the assertion that it was pro-white or pro-white European established citizens.

When a group can use your actions to promote hatred then you should really look at what you’re doing. If you were helping senior citizens rake their leaves and held a gathering to do this it would be really hard for someone to use that in promoting hate.

Here is an image from the flier handed out:

Here is an image on the site PA Pundits which has at least on member in VOPUSA:

While this is a widely circulated image both of these sources are trying to use the image to state that Obama is a ghetto crack-smoking black man.  Really, the image at PA Pundits is worse than the flier in that it calls Obama a “crackhead.”  So it’s really odd to see the Save Shenandoah crowd so upset that their rally was billed as “anti-Mexican” by the group that handed out the fliers, The League of American Patriots.

While most people see the stunts of all these groups as terrible and ridiculous I can only take solace in the fact that they refuse to see this as they keep marching on ahead.  They wonder why they’re seen in such an ill light the same way a smoker loses their sense of smell and can’t tell they stink.


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