Nativists: Study Your State Flags Please

Seems some anti-Obama’s thought the Ohio State Flag was a concoction of the Obama campaign. They tried to turn this into another hate tactic to derail his candidacy. Instead they just show their ignorance.

I was just watching the Greta Van Sustren interview with Steve Forbes. They watched a video of B. Hussein and at 10:08 he was shown at a podium in front of four flags, two were clearly American flags, but what the hell were the other two? I shocked to think that it looks like he has come up with HIS OWN VERSION of the American flag!!!! Take a look at them, they have that same look as his Presidential seal, or his calipso louie logo, they look like some third world verion/ cuban flovored version of the Stars and Stripes. Maybe someone can go back and find it to post. I don’t have the computer skills. UNBELIEVABLE is all I can say. (free republic)

Seems that Gheen is so set on dismantling Obama, as are many others, that he thought the Ohio state flag was a new flag created by Obama (and he’s not the only one). picked up on this – via Damn Mexicans. Even Malkin admits her supporters thought this was an Obama flag. Yes, that’s because they don’t study anything and their hate causes knee-jerk reactions. You should be proud of your readers. For more laughs check out Free Republic. These people want to see Obama as a terrorist so bad that they’ll use their ignorance to accomplish it. How can you be a nativist when you don’t even know the flags of our states?


3 thoughts on “Nativists: Study Your State Flags Please”

  1. You are so stupid and desperate for something negative to say about us that you left out the fact I just asked on my open boards what was up with that flag. Sure, I did not recognize the Ohio state flag, big whooping deal. It is no wonder our side is winning against you so profusely across the nation when you engage in this kind of juvenile GOTCHA crap. Memorizing every state flag is something 99% of Americans have not done. Is the person running this blog a 12 year old?

  2. Gheen. All you have to do is a little research before you ask dumb questions, but I’m sure that’s how you come up with most of your facts – just make ’em up as you go.

    You incited the idea that Obama had created his own flag. You made a stupid error – deal with it.

    As the leader of a supposedly large group your voice has clout and you should be a little more learned in that role. Of course, I’m glad your show your true colors ever now and then.

  3. “Memorizing every state flag is something 99% of Americans have not done.”

    Wow. How dumb is too dumb? I mean seriously? If you hadn’t bothered to notice over half – count them, HALF- of US state flags clearly have the name of the state on them. Ever seen a Kansas flag? Or a Montana flag? Or an Illinois flag, or an Iowa flag, or a California flag, or an Arkansas flag? Just because you never leave your circa-1962 fallout shelter does not in any way excuse your ignorance, because apparently, you managed to have it equipped with an internet connection… so maybe you might want to get out every now and again, and maybe try looking up at a flagpole once in a while.

    This is exactly what scares me – Americans and their ignorance is so stupefyingly disturbing that its no wonder the rest of the world holds us in so little regard. But even more disturbing is the notion that morons like this are going to make damn sure they show up and vote on election day.

    God help us all.

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