Joe The Plumber

Joe the plumber was the star of last night’s debate – a white man supposed to represent the average American. I guess we haven’t gotten too far after all. Joe says his mind’s been made up for some time and that he wants to live in a democracy not a “socialist society.” I imagine this is a shot at Obama, but I think that Joe may want to pay closer attention to the country he lives in because the Republicans, especially the current administration, have a sneaky way of making you think they’re for ‘less government’ while they jam bills through congress that take away our rights. I guess you don’t notice because they use sneaky words like ‘patriot.’  Now, because of Republican lead economic policies that let businesses take advantage of little people like Joe they’ve been forced to enact a bit of socialism by essentially taking over the banks.  There’s a stark difference between looking after the people  while promoting social harmony and creating a socialist society.  While a free market sounds like a great idea the truth is the wealthy cannot be allowed to take advantage of the poor.

It’s quite odd to me that people like Joe fail to see this. When McCain claims that Obama wants to takes Joe’s money and give it to someone else he’s taking us all for fools. Obama is talking about the extremely wealthy (a class McCain fits into), not the Joe plumbers of the world.   Maybe McCain is scared that he’ll lose some of his wealth if Obama wins.

Let’s face it, Joe is not the average struggling American anymore. White men have had the advantage since they took control of this land. Those struggling the hardest in this country are not white, but we all share a common bond and a desire to live and love in a proper society that cares for one another. Today there are hard working men and women living in fear in this country because of its broken immigration policies and nobody mentioned that at all last night. If McCain is so concerned about Joe buying his business let him use the profits from selling one of his homes to help Joe out.


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