Will the ‘Real Virginia’ Please Stand Up?

The big picture on the election is that truly neither candidate is 100% and one does has to have a little flexibility in what they’d like in their candidate. The key is to keep sending your message to Washington after the election.

However, it is important to understand that the Republicans are fundamentally for the wealthy. In this video McCain’s adviser, Nancy Pfotenhauer, states the fundamental difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in the idea of redistributing the wealth. The image they want to you see is the government talking everyone’s money away and giving it back out equally. This is not what they’re proposing. What they’re saying is the rich need to pitch in a little more rather than creating loop holes and manipulated incentives to pay less taxes per dollars than the middle class and poor. If you think the middle class and poor should pay more taxes than the rich then the Republicans would be a good fit.

Where I’m at all the largest homes have McCain signs planted on their lawns. That should tell you something. Don’t let McCain manipulate you.

In the vidoe Pfotenhauer states that Republicans want to let you “keep the fruits of your labor.” Well then why didn’t the rich execs not have to pay back the gaffs of their labor? Well, it’s because they’re rich and the whole bailout package was designed to keep them rich. The Republicans caused an economic crisis and to deal with it their turned to socialism.

(thanks to Anti-BVBL for the video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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