McCain And The “S” Word

I have to consider it a psychological magic act when a politician can manipulate the middle-class into spreading the message of the rich.

Basically, Obama is stating that everyone work and those who work harder should pay more taxes to give to those who don’t work, or work as hard, or aren’t as resourceful. (LA Times comment)

We’ll look past the obvious issues with work and don’t work in this statement.  Basically if you’re struggling then you just aren’t working hard enough. If you lost your house you just aren’t as resourceful. However, if you’re filthy rich and you make bad financial decisions the government will be there to bail you out. Just watch how McCain tries to sweep this under the rug. Above one of his supporters claims that if Obama wants to give “your” (whoever you are) money away to the lazy, poor bums of this country. When questioned about the bailout McCain points to those people on “main street” that lost their home. But don’t they deserve to lose their home? I mean they didn’t work hard enough and they’re not resourceful enough.

People need to wake up and stop being manipulated by the ridiculous message that Obama wants socialism. There’s a Socialist party that wants socialism. The Democrats were doing a damn good job before Bush wrecked the ship. It’s time we put them back at the helm.  After all McCain is a Republican and it’s just the same ol’ thing.


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