Nativist Hero Handed Defeat – Kanjorski Defeats Barletta

Kanjorski Defeats Barletta – 16 WNEP

Aside from the presidential election this was one I was really hoping for.  The nativists have been handed another defeat as their “hero” who has used the demonization of migrants as his platform finds it won’t give him a place in congress.

Negativity kept McCain out of office as did America’s desire for change.  This ‘change’ is a call for more positive communication, community activism and spreading joy rather than hate.

While we all know that politicians are politicians the overwhelming call of the people yesterday shows that they’re tired of the old guard.  I hope we’ll be able to stop the raids, close the detention centeers, pass the DREAM Act, stop construction on the fence and end the anti-migrant fear mongering that’s gone on too long.

Can we create a more positive America?  Yes we can.


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