More men victims of human trafficking

As human beings we have many universal problems we must deal with. However, few need quite as much immediate attention as the fact the some feel they have the right to hurt and control others. What causes a human being to contract this disease. The desire to hurt others is indeed a terrible malady and sadly the cure is so simple and within reach. Treat other as you would like to be treated yourself. What is so difficult about that?

More men victims of human trafficking
Copyright 2009 Houston Chonicle
July 6, 2009, 8:25AM

His jeans hide a cigarette burn on his thigh, and a jagged scar that runs up his shin. It is a reminder, he said, of the day he escaped a remote ranch in Texas where he was held captive by a group of four human traffickers.

The desire for power is one that causes great suffering both in the individual seeking it and in the target for their jagged spear. A constant desire to control and take exists as a hole that can never be filled. The more one takes the more one wants. How to we confront this evil? How do we deal with this evil when it confronts us?

He said he was forced to work without pay for five months, picking vegetables at gunpoint. He was beaten and raped and burned with cigarettes, he said.

I believe compassion is the only way. It is a force much greater than guns and must longer lasting. I hope that someday others will begin to believe this too so we can realize a world where men and women are kidnapped, forced into slavery, or taken advantage of.

“Human trafficking exists because it is very profitable,” Conde-Vazquez said. “It’s a low-risk business for the traffickers because they are not dealing with merchandise they have to safekeep — they are dealing with human beings. In that sense, it’s lower risk than dealing with drugs or weapons.”


2 thoughts on “More men victims of human trafficking”

  1. We in Greensboro, NC see human trafficking in women forced into prostitution. Trying to get the authorities to do anything about it is a real problem. Like what is to be done with these women once they are rescued because their lives are in danger from those who have held them in bondage for fear they will “talk” and expose the thugs. They can not just be taken out and helped to get another job. It is one mess. But you are right and something must be done because no one should have to undergo slavery.

    Sometimes I just want to go away and leave this world and just paint my pretty pictures and sew my little girls play pretend gowns and not cry so much. But I can’t stop trying to let people know what is happening out there and hoping someone somewhere will do something about the evil. BB

  2. I’m glad you have compassion in this cause which is exactly why you cannot just go away and leave this world. The world is a macrocosm of each one of us. To change it we must change as individuals. We all ‘know’ what is happening, but what will we do about it?

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