Schumer: Immigration bill to be ready by Labor Day

It’s good to see the proposed end of no-match letters, but I believe Schumer underestimates the many undocumented workers in this country not to mention the many students waiting for the DREAM Act.

Schumer: Immigration bill to be ready by Labor Day

By SUZANNE GAMBOA – 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The lead Democrat steering an immigration overhaul through the Senate said Wednesday he expects to have a bill ready by Labor Day that is more generous to highly skilled immigrant workers than those who are lower skilled and is tough on future waves of illegal immigration.


6 thoughts on “Schumer: Immigration bill to be ready by Labor Day”

  1. How do we ‘close’ our border? Who gives us the right to do this? Don’t you think the same mentality that creates borders also creates a world in which we must fear others? So often we see the villains as heroes because they use our fears to win us over. Without fear and with a greater understanding of the world we do not have to fear anything.

    The borders are of no importance. You must ask yourself why people would risk their lives crossing them. Then you will understand what the real problem is. Once that’s covered we can begin discussing the solution.

      1. I did say they aren’t important. I can say it again if you’d like. Borders are a construct of man. Man is fallible and prone to mistake. We can no more make borders than we can make trees. Borders are imaginary. Sadly anti-migrant anger and generally hatred of others is not.

  2. If borders are not important than please rome all the locks form the doors on your home or, better yet, remove them and let anyone who see a btter life inside YOUR border to come in, take what they want and stay as long as they want. you shouldn’t fear them. .

    1. Sadly, your assertion is based on the fear that everyone is out to get you. What world is it we live in when we feel that all is negative and evil?

      To compare the border of a 3.79 square mile nation to the doors of a 1400 (or so) sqft house is rather absurd. It’s like using your body to make analogies about your house. Would you consider someone entering or touching you physically to be the same as them entering your home? Strangely, so many speak of the border as if this were the case.

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