Free your mind – El Random Hero

This is a beautifully written post from American Wetback. It comes at a the same time I’m reading a book titled Sacred Earth by Arthur Versluis which expresses the same sad situation. We are hoarders, consumers, destroyers. We believe that this beautiful planet was created for us to take from never stopping to understand that we are stripping its very soul. When we strip the Earth’s soul we also destroy our own. No electronic gadget can match the beauty of a tree, or the wonder of the ocean. Connected to the Earth we are connected to the spirit, to the world beyond the one we’re currently in.

Death is only the beginning of life beyond the physical Word.
World that doesn’t care about anyone or any full of apathy.
Apathy that surrounds the people in power who have control of the masses.
Masses that idolize empty heroes of vanity and propel them to god like proportions.
Proportions that are always skewed because the hungry go hungry and the fat get fatter.
Fatter than life because they have control of the few that starve for them.
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