Hate Responds Not With Understanding

Many anti-this or anti-that activists exist in a muck of reactionary rhetoric. Rather than practicing compassion for those around them they respond with ridicule ever believing there is only one way to think. The very notion of understanding is something this group either lost after childhood or possibly never had at all. Sadly, this type of thinking is prevalent around this country and leads to the blindness that allows us to consume and destroy in disregard. These “normal” people are apparently the privileged ones always in position to label and judge those around them. Somehow prescribing to the notion that anything is normal, which is simply a ruse put forth by those who control “normalcy”, is considered better than being open minded and thinking for oneself.

These “normal” people like to turn the tables on the persecuted and act as though their seeking of rights somehow causes them to lose their. In this vein there is currently a push to make July “heterosexual month.” The idea is that if homosexuals get to have pride parades and celebrations then heteros should get to as well. The only problem with this is the fact that heterosexuals are not persecuted and beaten to death for their choice of a partner. While it is somewhat different we see this same reaction by white to Hispanic and black groups meant to help bring them up from the racism whites have put them under for so many years. Many people seem to believe that minorities, quite by miracle, been elevated up to the same position as whites. This, of course, while being very saddening, is quite absurd.

What makes those in the majority react this way? Are they afraid that their ideals, ones they themselves did not even create, will be harmed if others are allowed to live as they want to? In terms of race, will the minority finally become the majority and take as much or more than those that once held that position? Are we so imbued with the competitive mind that everything has to be an us versus them? So they’re the team from Timbuktu and we’re the team from Normalcy?

There is little intelligence in a lack of empathy for others. The inability to allow others to live as they see fit is on some level a failure of one’s own psyche. I’m thankful that so many of today’s youth are questioning the simple-minded construction of the past. That old mentality allowed us to accept others as less than ourselves creating sub and slave classes. it’s the same mindset that allows us to torture animals because they ‘taste good.’

I hope that those celebrating “heterosexual month” are very proud of themselves. It would be great if they also found a way to reduce the rate of divorce amongst heteros. That seems a little more positive to me.


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