Police Brutality in LA Goes Unanswered

maydaymeleeAs Police Chief William J. Bratton was recently recognized for his great service to the city of LA we’re reminded today that brutality was allowed to take place under his watch. Today we find out that the officers who beat participants in the 2007 May Day rally will not be prosecuted.

If we believe the “official story” then what essentially happened is a small group of anarchists provoked the police into drudging through a crowd of thousands like an army through enemy territory. Is this justice or just a group of bullies waiting for any reason to attack? Watching this video it is apparent these officers were enjoying the activities. While their training refuses expression their drawn, exploding rifles and swinging batons are all the expression we need. At their best these officers displayed a gross lack of self control and sound judgment. At their worst they demonstrated how the very people in which we entrust our safety to go completely rabid and become or worst nightmares.

Watching the video is truly disturbing. If this says anything to the public it’s that the police can go completely mad on a crowd if less than one percent of those in it provoke an attack. Given our country’s use of the atomic bomb I can’t say I’m surprised. To attack hundreds of innocent people because of the actions of a few seems to be an American mantra.

LA Indy Media had this to say about the event:

The local major media news outlets are all reporting that “anarchists” caused the melee by throwing some bottles. First, I would like to pose this question: Are empty plastic water bottles really a threat to anyone let alone police officers in full riot gear? Second, Should there not be some sort of maturity factor involved in officer response and conduct? Third, The “anarchists” as they are so eloquently called (simply because they wear bandannas over their respective faces I assume) were the ones trying to keep the peace.


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