Dow Wants You to Run for Water – Run to Them

After recently watching the Yes Men film titled The Yes Men Fix The World I have come to abhor the whole Live Earth Run for Water campaign and the crony celebrities which are touting this as a great event. With a vested interest in water purification it’s no wonder Dow wants to be a part of this. It would be like Chevron sponsoring a Nascar event. If you are a celebrity pushing this run you should be ashamed of yourself for not investigating this company and speaking out. Dow is one of the world’s worst polluters and is directly responsible for much of our drinking water issues. Next I guess these celebrities will pair up with Wal-Mart and Nike to end sweat-shop labor then move on to work with FAIR to end abuses to undocumented migrants. Nice.

jessica biel, pete wentz, dow live earth run for water

Since it was announced ten days ago that Dow Chemical would join 2010’s version of Al Gore’s “Live Earth” I’ve been concerned about the Nobel Prize winner’s sense of direction. For several years Dow has been sponsoring “Run For the Planet” marathons, in an effort to draw attention to the world’s need for clean drinking water. Which is a good thing. The downside is that around the world Dow chemical plants are among the worst polluters of nearby drinking water and air. (link)

Of course Dow’s support of “Live Earth” (I’m hoping to find out how much cash they’re putting into the event) is not completely altruistic or even out of guilt. It’s about growing its business. Turns out they have a sizable water purification business – Dow Water and Process Solutions – they are hoping to grow “by double digits” and participation in “Live Earth” is simply good advertising.


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