It’s a Sensitive Trigger: Palin says “Reload”

Palin with GunIt’s no wonder Palin’s gun imagery is moving her supporters to action. There nothing like conjuring up the idea of blowing someone to smithereens to get the base going. Sadly, a good portion of this country attributes guns to freedom and ability to take it back when you feel it’s been slowly chipped away. Nothing shows the results of growing disenfranchisement and anger than the movie Falling Down were Michael Douglas essentially loses his mind because of a traffic jam and the fact that he can’t order breakfast after 11:30am. This movie is a classic case of taking out one’s anger of the oft elusive “they” out on the most immediately know representatives – low level workers and average people. So in Falling Down Douglas lashes out at the fast food workers rather than take it out against the corporation. Prior to his meltdown he continued to support a business he so adamantly disagreed with. The gun gives him the power to demand attention. Hopefully, the patrons represent the majority while Foster (Douglas’s character) represents a fringe. Unfortunately, though the gun gives one crazy person the ability to demand attention.

Guns are violence just as glue is a binding agent. When we buy glue we intend to adhere to items together or possibly to at least prepare ourselves just in case we need to in the future. When you buy a gun you either intend to kill (the seven day rule proves this happens) or you are preparing yourself to be able to kill at some point.

Guns essentially make gods of men. There is no greater power than that which gives us the ability to take another human being’s life. To use images of targets and claim supporters should “reload” is highly irresponsible. There are a growing number of people willing to kill others in a fit of confused rage against “they.” Immigrants are being targeted, liberals are being targeted, and we’re not to far from a McCarthy style red scare. The terms communist and socialism are being thrown around with little effort to understand them.

Today’s crisis, create by businesses out of control, has given those in power (businessmen) the perfect platform to pay people like Palin and Glenn Beck to point towards the government as being evil. But isn’t government controlled by powerful businessmen? Isn’t strange that Palin, once offered some money, stepped down as Governor and is now taking every avenue to gobble up as much cash as possible? I thought she cared about the common women and men. No, it seems she just wants money like every other greed addict and inciting violence through violent imagery is a way to keep her name valuable.


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