Immigration Rallies on Saturday April 10

Immigration reform still moves on as rallies are staged around the country. Last Saturday a large rally was held in Seattle (Rally calls for immigration reform)

“Let’s put 100,000 people in the streets and demand that President Obama and Congress make their commitment to make immigration reform happen this year!” shouted one speaker to raucous cheers.

Immigration reform supporters say they want the government to create a pathway to citizenship, in which undocumented immigrants would first get legal status, and then go through the immigration process.

The ability to move across borders is nothing new to this world. It’s makes little sense to restrict movement from place to place. If goods and services are allowed to freely move about the world then why can’t people?

We take great advantage of workers in other countries providing us cheap goods, but we get protests when they want to come and live here. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a protest outside a Wal-Mart with anyone protesting the cheap price of t-shirts or dish towels. It’s quite sad we live in such a bigoted country when, by its own ideals, the United States should be the best most welcoming country.

From the article we hear the oft sided argument:

“That’s ridiculous,” he said. “Everybody who broke into this country illegally knows they broke into this country illegally, and they’ve been siphoning off our system.”

Schnitt says he does support immigration – to an extent.

“I’m all for immigration. We’re a country of immigrants that came to this country legally,” he says.

So we came to this country legally? Because no European law had been established prior to our coming here I guess that makes everything ok. Why do so many live in a myopic cloud without even a smidgen of humility? Truly if we were to treat people better and actually care the world would be much better.

In another New York based account of Saturday’s rallies representative Luis Gutiérrez states the time has come for reform – we’ve been waiting too long already. Immigration reform can’t wait till next year.

With the Tea Party brewing its venom this will be a tough battle, but we’ll have to keep pressing on.

Check out the many rally stories around the country.


2 thoughts on “Immigration Rallies on Saturday April 10”

  1. I am for immigration to the United States but, do it within the bounds of our laws. Do not sneek into this Country like a rodent and expect an expressway to becoming a legal resident.

    My wife immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago. She had to go through all the paperwork and red tape to become an American Citizen. None of you people are any better than my wife. If you want to come here, live here and work here, do it legally or stay out.

    1. What if I snuck in like a student? Is that different for you? Because I great many undocumented immigrants are actually strong students in our school systems having been brought over by their parents. What responsible parent wouldn’t want their children to have a great education. Be proud – don’t be angry. You live in the best country on Earth!! True – we’re all equal – so let’s start acting like it. Thanks.

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