Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos to Play Concert For Equality


On Saturday July 31st, 2010 in Omaha, NE, several bands including Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos (their first live performance since 2002), and Lullaby For The Working Class will gather together to fight for equality by playing a benefit show for the ACLU Nebraska. There will be two shows, an outdoor day time show commencing at 5pm at Downtown Benson, as well as a late night show at the Waiting Room in Omaha, NE. Tickets to the daytime show are $20. Additionally there are a limited number of Deluxe Packages available for $50 which allows access to both shows.

All proceeds from the concerts go to the ACLU Nebraska who are currently preparing a law suit against the town of Fremont, Nebraska, the latest in a series of U.S. towns that have decided to take immigration law into their own hands. ACLU Nebraska will file a lawsuit challenging the law which attempts to ban undocumented immigrants from renting, residing or being employed in the Nebraska town.

ACLU Nebraska Executive Director Laurel Marsh says, “If this law goes into effect, it will cause discrimination and racial profiling against Latinos and others who appear to be foreign born, including U.S. citizens. The ACLU Nebraska has no option but to turn to the courts to stop this un-American and unconstitutional ordinance before the law goes into effect. Not only do local ordinances such as this violate federal law, they are also completely out of step with American values of fairness and equality. We will be working with concerned citizens in Fremont who want to stop Arizona-like laws from getting on the books in their city.”

This is definitely something to pay attention to and attend if you’re able. Comment against this concert all already surfacing and include the following rather sadly grotesque statement:

The local news station also reported that some supporters of the tough immigration ordinance plan to attend the concert in protest. One of them, Susan Smith of the Nebraskans Advisory Group, told the station, “The comments that he makes are so anti-American and anti-white, he is actually the racist.”

This anti-American sentiment is quite often heard from anti-immigrants as a means to make those who care about other human beings seem like the evil ones. Truly calling someone anti-American means nothing at all. Actually, it’s quite ridiculous given this country was supposedly founded on immigration and when you fight for immigration you’re called anti-American. Obviously, as hinted in the statement above, this is about being pro-Anglo, not pro or anti American.

In this article the statement from Susan Smith of the Nebraskans Advisory Group continues:

“In Fremont, we’re trying to get the local government to get on the rule-of-law side,” she said. “This is more standing up for America.”

Being pro-anger and anti human rights is not standing up for America. It’ll actually be quite sadly comic to see people protesting a concert for equality. The protest against equality is simply a modern day out in the light version of the KKK and other both heavy and marginal racist groups. Obviously the news is edited so I don’t know what prompted Susan Smith to say Oberst was “anti-white” but the mention of color in her statement at all provides a glimpse into her and others mindsets.


6 thoughts on “Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos to Play Concert For Equality”

    1. I’m trying to get back in as much as I can. I’ve been keeping up, but not doing much writing of late. Hope all is well with you.

  1. Dear Chris: You chose not to seek a comment from me so unwittingly you back up my comment about Oberst’s comments being racist. I am referring to the comments he made in his open letter (SEE LINK BELOW). HE uses the term “…WHITE Americans…..who see immigrants and people of color as SUBHUMAN…”

    I am all for LEGAL immigration. I oppose ILLEGAL immigration. I’m sure a webster’s dictionary will help you sort out the difference between the two. I will correct you on one more point, it is the Socialists, the open-borders…the pro-illegal alien groups who spin the illegal immigration issue as Racist or hatemongering. To label an American who believes in following the Rule of Law and in protecting our country and people as anti-immigrant, racist or un-American shows your bias and ignorance or inability to discuss the issues and negative impact of illegal immigration.

    Perhaps you should ask the families of dead Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens if they would like to hold hands with you and Oberst to sing Cumbaya.
    Conor Oberst Pens Open Letter To Arizona Promoter Charlie Levy |

    1. Would you mind giving me some information about legal immigration? Also, let me know how one can be for legal immigration but against illegal immigration? You are either for allowing people to immigrate to the United States or you are for a system that severely limits – often keeps out completely – people from certain countries.

      It is very convenient to use the dead to back your argument as if there aren’t plenty of dead people killed in the name of our sweet democracy both here and abroad. If you were worried about the dead you would have a bit more humility at the masses killed so that we may have this supposed freedom. Those dead include the very people you seek to keep out of this country – those people native to this part of the world.

      Your snide sympathetic appeal is quite telling at the dangers that lurks within those holding ‘values’ such as yours. You speak of the dead and joke about singing Cumbaya. Face it – you do not care for the dead any more than you care for legal immigration.

      He uses the term ‘white Americans’ because he is himself white. In addition the vast majority of anti-migrant groups are white based. This is so much true that those that are not white (though backed by other white groups) such as You Don’t Speak For Me have to point out they are not a white-based group.

      I’ve been involved in this for quite some time – have done much research – I know all the groups and I know the difference between compassion and hate.

  2. No, Chris, based upon your comments I don’t believe you have researched the issues surrounding illegal immigration nor have you studied our current federal immigration laws. I think the only thing you are certain of is that you SUPPORT the breaking and bastardizing of our country’s federal immigration laws.

    YOU seem to have absolutely no allegiance to our country or its people. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb to suggest you almost sound gleeful that many Americans have lost their jobs to illegal aliens, are paying for benefits and services for illegal aliens that Americans must beg for, that Americans are being killed by illegal aliens, that some of our border patrol and law enforcement officers have been killed or imprisoned for enforcing our federal immigration laws…that our environment is being destroyed along our Southern Border from illegal aliens and Mexican Drug Cartels, that women and children are raped by their “coyotes” and their panties strung up on “Rape Trees” – then possibly sold off to sex slave rings. That Americans are being kidnapped and held for ransom…that millions of Americans identities are stolen as well as their medical identities….that open borders continues to allow terrorists to pay Mexican Drug Cartels and gangs to bring them across our border to move freely and undetected throughout our country….I could go on for hours.

    No matter how many legitimate issues I could list, you would still be in support of lawlessness. Lawlessness breeds lawlessness, What’s interesting though is that you have absolutely no compassion or sympathy for Americans who are paying the the costs of illegal immigration nor are you at all concerned about the immigrants who have followed our laws and are waiting to come to our country LEGALLY.

    I am always entertained by Socialists’ commentary, arguments and spin that exposes their delusional thought process. So, please keep on blogging Chris.

    1. Susan,

      Your vitriol and strong use of this or that argument are exactly what I expect from people like you. You say I am glad that jobs are lost here? You must understand how ridiculous that is. You say I hate the US? Again, what anger makes you say such ridiculous things?

      What do Mexican drug cartels have to do with immigration? If drugs weren’t desired here then the drugs cartels wouldn’t want to do busy as they are today. So maybe you should try and convince people to stop buying those drugs.

      Do you think I like Mexican drug cartels or the terror they bring? Of course not – but that has nothing to do with people wanting to come to the US to support their families. You spent much time telling me how I love violence, but little backing up where I am wrong. You simply use the worst of a situation to make wild accusations stating I support it.

      How am I in support of lawlessness? I’ve never been to jail – I don’t break the law. However, if they made a law which said I should starve to death I would indeed break it. I imagine you would starve, though, as you believe the law is your god. No, there are such things as bad and even stupid laws. I’m sure you could look it up and see how many ridiculous laws have been written.

      It’s amazing how you can pin me down so quickly and accurately. I am a socialist monster that feeds on the blood of true US citizens. Does that seem reasonable to you? Doesn’t to me – but what do I know – I can’t be right anyway.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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