American Humanity was created in response to the the hate speech, propaganda, and fear tactics being used by the anti-“illegal” immigrant groups at rallies in the New Jersey area to vilify Hispanics as “invaders” amongst other terrible and bogus claims.

Not only are Hispanics in no way “invading” our country, but for those that claim they are against all “illegal” immigrants it is quite odd that they focus on Hispanics when there are so many undocumented migrants from other countries as well.  In addition, most anti-migrant groups will claim they are for legal immigration while citing FAIR and Numbers USA, who are both against immigration all together, as sources.  So how can you be pro-“legal” immigration when you support groups advocating a closed door policy?

I am of mixed European heritage and I do not believe that “illegal” immigrants are “invading” this country. I simply believe that all people inherently want a good and secure life for themselves and their families. However, greed and consumerism have caused many to fear these immigrants while, at the same time, exploiting them, and foreign labor, to keep the cost of living down for themselves.

I believe that compassion is the only tool we need to fight the problems of this world. Hatred and greed are what’s been causing them all along.

It is understandable that you may not agree with people coming into the United States without permission, but let’s stop the hatred, prejudice and racism and find a solution that works for everyone.

The United States was founded on immigration and we cannot let groups such as FAIR and Numbers USA scare us into believing we should remove the heart of our wonderful country.


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  1. Actually Ruth Miller, I have nothing to do with OPP.

    You’re the problem with this country. It’s people like you that joy in the suffering of others and love themselves for hating. I’m sure you enjoy schmoozing with the white supremacists at those rallies. Don’t you? Do you break out your Ouija (thanks, I fixed it!) board and consult Hitler before speaking too? – (Ok, maybe this was a little over the top.)

  2. I know of no white supremacists. You have an active hateful imagination. If white supremacists come to rallies we can’t stop them – it is a free country. You are the one who is spewing and furthering hateful comments – what a child you are.

    I will no longer waste my time and energy on idiots like you. If you post anything personal about me, you will have the FBI to deal with so be warned.

    You know *nothing* about me and are drawing your own hateful conclusions. Mob mentality. Sorry to see that people like you are able to vote. That is what is scary.

  3. You know of no white supremacists? Didn’t you film the Harrisburg rally? Those guys were well documented. Just look here.

    Does my failure to spell a word make me a fool? Or, does a fool do foolish things like call others “fat and lazy” and exhibit little to no compassion for other human beings? Does a fool make grammatical errors? Or, does a fool make blanket statements about another culture?

  4. I only know about you the things that you willfully post, and are written about you by newspapers, on a very public place called “the internet.” The adverse effects of being so outspoken are that it’s not hard to find out who you are. One might say you are a local public figure – a pseudo-celebrity.

    If you had not been so angry and hateful I would have never bothered to utter your name. There are some anti-“illegal” immigration activists that act with civility and don’t make false accusations about a whole race of people.

    I think you should be more worried about the FBI than me. You’re buddy Frank Jorge called for the assassination of politicians (I seem to remember hearing laughter when he said this – You decide.). He also called for civil war. I think that might concern them a little more than my issue with your racist comments.

  5. La Raza, not racists?

    Your head in the sand ls smothering your ability to see reality.

    Immigration is simple, go to a US conciliate, show them a letter from a prospective employer and proff that you have a roof waiting for you, and you will get a work visa.

    simple, so whats the problem?

    The problem is illegal criminals can not follow this simple process, so you will welcome criminals anyway.

    you must have taken too much acid in your youth,it is the only explanation to your inability to be reasonable and rational.

    lets let the criminals run the prisons, after all there are so many living in there.

    So you will have minority rule! NOT!

  6. Here we go again with the baseless name calling. I must have taken too much acid?

    Can’t you read? Where did I state I welcome illegal immigrants? Where does it state that I want open borders? And is gaining legal entry into the US really I simple process? You’re obviously not from another country.

    This blog is about hate speech against illegal immigrants, namely Hispanics. It in no way condones crossing the border illegally. As a matter of fact I’d discourage anyone from doing it because they could die in the process or end up in a slave-like situation with those that brought them over.

  7. No it doesn’t as I’m not targeting a whole groups of people unjustly. I’ve never stated all anti-illegal immigrant ralliest are all hateful. I’m merely speaking about those that choose to use hate speech to further their cause. Those that can talk about illegal immigration without demonizing Hispanics, or any other group of people, have my respect.

    The purpose of this blog is to speak about those groups and people that use hate speech to further the anti-illegal immigrant cause. I’ll also post articles about the issue. Anyone that has an active blog understands that you cannot cover every single issue in the world. You have to be as subject oriented as possible and this is the subject I choose to cover.

    If you’re going to make comments like this one then give me some examples of what you mean. Otherwise, why bother leaving the comment?

  8. If you are using quotes and comments from La Raza, a racist organization by the very description of their organization’s name to support your views, you have put yourself squarely on their side of the issue. Why not be fair and balanced?
    I am a second generation American of Irish descent. I know that young people from Ireland are overstaying their visas,
    They need to be sent back. Does that make me a racist?
    This country was built on LEGAL immigration. Some on our side of the issue are probably racist, but the racism is not what is driving the issue. What is driving the issue is the flouting of our laws by the illegal immigrants.
    Ask yourself these questions; Is it fair that prospective immigrants who wait their turn to enter our country LEGALLY are pushed to the back of the line by the ILLEGALS who slip in through the back door?
    Should the taxpaying citizens of this country be forced to pay for health care, education and, yes, incarceration of hordes of ILLEGAL immigrants because their native countries will not care for them?
    Should the American taxpayer support American business in exploiting these poor, desperate ILLEGAL immigrants as business is provided a low cost alternative to an American worker?
    We are not anti LEGAL immigration.
    Your turn.

  9. I don’t know what group you’re with, but I’d like to have you show me where I’ve quoted La Raza.

    No, your statement about Irish people here illegally is not racist. Did you say they were all rapists, criminals, dirty, or stupid? No, you didn’t, while the groups I speak of do say these things about Hispanics.

    I’m not sure why it’s continually implied that I’m for illegal immigration. How much clearer can I state that I’m against those people and groups that choose to use hate speech against Hispanics (they get the most abuse) or any other group. Is that hard too understand?

    I am not an open borders advocate, but the people are here and we have to find a compassionate solution to dealing with the problem. I do agree with a regimented plan to allow for citizenship, but not a light switch approach that would make it happen automatically.

    Some will have to leave, ok, but they shouldn’t be handled and harassed like criminals no more than these groups should make accusations that they are all murders and rapists which they do. Just read, or watch the speeches. I’m not making this up.

    And most of these illegal immigrants do pay taxes via tax ID’s and, for some, false documentation. So the argument that they are draining social services without adding money into them is ridiculous.

    You don’t need to worry about the low cost alternative to the American worker. I think that’s called capitalism and if you don’t like it you can move to Cuba or China (a country we handily support via purchases everyday – see Walmart.) Our companies are moving overseas which is where many of the manufacturing jobs are going. Americans have rarely performed the type of jobs being referred to in these arguments such as picking crops and manufacturing clothing. Not to mention the fact that it’s the American desire to have everything as cheap as possible that drives this activity. Americans simply will not pay more just because employees of the company they’re supporting get paid more money. If so there’d be no sales there’d just be support your fellow Americans shopping extravaganzas where the companies would state “come early this Saturday when we’re going to pay all of our employees three more dollars per hour if we can make ten thousand dollars in sales. I’d like to see that happen. Instead what happens is “come in this Saturday. We’ve slashed our prices by letting employees go, slashing benefits, and making those still here do more for less.

  10. I am not affiliated with any group. I am a private citizen that is concerned with the present state of our immigration policy.
    As far as quoting La Raza is concerned…your upcoming events has a link to the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform which lists their affiliate as The National Council of La Raza. While you claim that you do not necessarily support their views, you link the reader to their website.
    Am I to understand that it is OK for you to virtually link yourself to an openly racist group while the anti illegal immigration crowd is condemned for having a number of wackos in their midst?
    Lets be fair. This issue will not be solved by hypocrisy, name calling and labeling. You started your reply by asking me what group do I belong to. You cannot see that this issue is a serious issue that has galvanized ordinary citizens such as myself to take action and to be involved.
    No, I did not call the ILLEGAL Irish murderers, rapists and scum….but they have broken our immigration laws and they should be removed from our country.
    Another question;
    I understand from what I read that you appear to be a kind, compassionate human being who is concerned about these poor unfortunates that show up on America’s doorstep. If you could be convinced that allowing hordes of ILLEGAL immigrants into our country is both harmful to the country as well as the ILLEGAL immigrant, would you change your mind?
    I am on my way out to a capitalist merchandise center and if you answer in the affirmative, I will get back to you with facts and figures. And I promise that the facts and figures will not be solely from The Heritage Foundation.

  11. Yup, I guessed correctly. You do not want to confuse the truth with the facts.
    Have a wonderful time congratulating yourself on how noble you are to lawbreakers.

  12. You stated:

    If you are using quotes and comments from La Raza, a racist organization by the very description of their organization’s name to support your views, you have put yourself squarely on their side of the issue. Why not be fair and balanced?

    To this I replied that I do not quote La Raza which I don’t. Being two links away from La Raza is not the same thing as quoting them. Yes, the events and action items list is from a member of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and I posted that so the events are known. Though, let’s be fair, I didn’t say I agreed with all of their views any more than I claimed they agree with mine.

    Though I wouldn’t say “hordes” I understand that we cannot have open borders. I do not agree with globalization, at least in the New World Order sense, but I do believe nations should have positive interactions that benefit all people. The fact that many people around the world are so poor should not be. These people should not need to come to America to find freedom and prosperity, but as long as we support businesses using slave and sweatshop labor abroad we are not helping to stop this. Of course, further to this, capitalism is not bad as it lets us voice our opinions through the things we buy. If businesses are using unfair labor practices or refusing to properly pay their employees then we can choose to spend our money elsewhere. These businesses will then either change for the better or go out of business.

    The major question is why do people come here illegally and how do we make it so people have no desire to flee from their native land to come here? Of course the answer is not “bringing” democracy to them as we’re doing in Iraq. Truthfully, though, I don’t know what the answer is, but in the meantime I won’t sit around while crass groups are demonizing others.

    As asked what group you were with because you said “We are not anti legal immigration” which lead me to believe the “we” represented a group. I myself am not affiliated with a group so of course I understand that you need not be affiliated to have a viewpoint.

    I’m open minded to anything but hate speech so feel free to post any information you’d like so share. I’ll create a new page called “Open Forum” for anything not in response to a particular post.

  13. I don’t think you ever responded to the claim that you link to racist websites but accuse others of being racists because their marches include some white supremacists.

  14. If you’re stating that La Raza is racist then I don’t agree. People like RM try to paint them that way to discredit their efforts. When a people are oppressed they respond accordingly. If whites didn’t treat others so terribly these groups wouldn’t exist.

    Similarly, you can discredit the Black Panthers are racists too, but you have to ask yourself why they were founded. To hate and act out against the people that abuse you is a reaction that any sane person would have.

    That said – I don’t think La Raza practices or preaches hate and I’m obviously focused, as a white person, on groups that are mostly white based which seek to use prejudice as a platform to stir fear in other white people and any other groups that are willing to join them.

  15. symsess, You’re dealing with ‘some’ bully personalities here. Beware. Read up on it, and know the patterns. They even try to instill GUILT in you for touting compassion. Isn’t that ironic!?
    It’s all part of the package. The way Ruth was getting at you was simply vicious. Quick to call you a fool, etc, regardless of the sane & balanced voice you’ve displayed on this blog, and the Undeniable hatred by herself, which she then blatantly projected on you, like reflexively.

    You’re doing a very good job, especially when pointing out that not all who’re against illegal immigration espouse hatred. They Can’t nail you on that part. Hence “they” (some of them at least) make up things to fill the void. Like pushing the notion that you’re for illegal immigration. The worst part is that they find nothing wrong with it. They will stab you again and again, even after you’ve already exposed a fallacy of them.

    What they also neglect, is that illegal migrants don’t simply come here because it’s bad in their own countries. There’s also the Demand side on this side of the border. They disingenuously try to frame it as an illegitimate charity process, when in reality it’s about mutual economic forces based on supply and demand. They are not here, whatsoever, because someone told them “come here to live and get charity”. They’re here because someone told them “come here and work”. This is obvious, isn’t it, yet so blatantly ignored, just so they can continue to castigate the migrants themselves.

    Those who label La Raza racist are out of their mind. They base it solely on their title, without knowing anything about the cultural connotation of the world when used Outside America. It doesn’t refer to “race”. Hispanic isn’t a race. KKK is racist. It’s just stingy to watch ignorance play out as factual conviction. La Raza is NOT a racist organization. They don’t discriminate Anybody based on ‘race’. What they do is Help Hispanic immigrants assimilate. Someone could at Least bother to visit their website before pretending to be in the know about what they are. The idea that they’re a racist organization is patently absurd. La Raza was formed to combat racism against Mexican Americans, during a time when segregation of Hispanic school children was legal! Now how’s That for racism. I can’t believe how blatant Outright lying has become these days. By the SAME people who will moralize illegal immigrants, by calling them cheaters, criminals et al. It’s, it’s mind boggling. At least live what you preach, and Stop lying.

  16. It makes my stomach turn, when I read comments and statements accusing illegal immigrants for the downfall of America. I know that not everyone that is for immigrant reform or “anti-illegal immigrant” is racist or has that view because they’re racist, but that fact of the matter is that several (mainly the extremely gung-ho individuals) are. Yes, immigration is a problem, yes we need to fix it, but the way that some people are trying to go about it is outrageous. And frankly the whole “I’m anti-ILLEGAL not anit-LEGAL” is crap. I’m Hispanic, I was born here and I feel the racism. Its not like people say, hmm I wonder if she’s here legally, they look , see a hispanic and automatically assume I don’t know english , I work at hotel cleaning rooms and I’m on Welfare. Not to mention the way they treat you.

  17. symsess,

    I appluade you for running this blog, and giving the voice to a population of more than 12 millions people who has no voice in this society..
    There are so many hatred and blaming of illegal immigrant as scapegoat for all of this country problem, worsen economic, bad politic and administration, mismanagement, and most of all, the problems in their own life.
    it’s refreshing to know that there’s a blog like yours, a small group of people who still have compassion for the people that doesn’t have a voice in this country. You’re one of the fews in our country that still see immigrant as human being. Please keep it up, and don’t let the worse of others selfish unhappy souls’ that filled with hatred destroy the fews decency and people that are left in this great country of ours. They all forgot where their parent, grand-parent, or great grand parent came from. America is only a melting pot when it serve them. They kept believing that all their ancestor came here legally. Only when they are willing to look at the fact, to find that more than half of those earlier immigrant were not here legally. But they came here to build a life for themselves and their family, just like the new generation of immigrant.

  18. I am a fairly recent immigrant, a new American citizen and I am baffled by the racial divide and the hate speech. I have wondered why Illegal immigrants are only “hispanics or Latinos”, they come from all over the world, Asia, Africa, Europe…

    I came here legaly and I can tell you and your readers, that it is no easy, those workers that come to do construction and farm labor illegaly is because they can’t get here legaly. There is a big demand for their labor but not enough visas for unskilled workers.

    I wanted also to explain that La Raza means pride for all races, for the combination of races. It doesn’t mean racicism or division, it means unity and acceptance of all. I know this concept is not easy for some people to understand.

    I have witness the treatment that undocumented immigrants face, I do not condone illegal immigration, but they are human beings. Here is a link to Immigration raids in Michigan

  19. Diana,

    I’m baffled too. I cherish the diversity this country offers so seeing other Americans belittle and vilify migrants brings me great shame. And you’re right that so many are from other countries yet it’s the Hispanics who are taking the force of this ‘wave of hate.’

    I believe that the fact that we’re dealing with a human issue is the most important. We must treat each other with compassion. I’m sorry so many have used the name La Raza to claim they are racist. I see no racism in a group encouraging others to become good citizens and work toward unity. The nativist attempt to claim La Raza is a racist group is based on their need to always have a victim.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving wonderful comments.

  20. Cut out the Nativist/Racist meme. The issues that concern most (80%+) US Citizens is the national security and sovereignty of our homeland. No other country in the world has allowed themselves to be overrun by 10-20 million unknown aliens…it is preposterous to allow this when there are billions of people from developing countries that want to come to the West and especially the US.
    The failure of the enforcement of our immigration laws by our elected officials and bureaucracies not only leads to concern about what else may corrupted, that we don’t know, as well as indicating an unfair application and general breakdown/corruption in all law enforcement.
    This is not a good thing and will likely lead to massive reaction as the Criminal and Financial burdens worsen for actual US taxpaying citizens. I fully expect that one day soon there will be a lot of Americans that will realize that to save their country they can no longer depend on our government and then all bets are off as to what will happen!

  21. One more person advocating violence. Great. Isn’t that want you resort to when intelligence and reason fail?

    There is no truth to the assertion that undocumented migrants breed more crime and cause general lawlessness. I’d have to assume, however, that you’d prefer it did as you’re probably all to ready to shoot people. That’s just sad.

    Maybe, as Americans, we should start standing up to our government’s oppression of people through military and financial might all over the world. Then we can talk.

    You speak of sovereignty and I’ll just say Iraq.

  22. “This blog is about hate speech against illegal immigrants, namely Hispanics. It in no way condones crossing the border illegally.”

    If you don’t condone it, then you realize it’s illegality, right?

    If you realize that illegal border crossing is illegal, than you agree that is a crime for which there must be punishment, right?

    What am I missing?

  23. I’m sure you have the capacity to understand the portion you quoted. I obviously understand the law, but a law does not make justice and justice is what I would like.

    As far as crossing the border illegally the law does make it illegal.

    You’re apparently missing any level of compassion for other human beings. Other than that you seem to be doing good, especially with time to run around my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. I’m disabled, so I got LOTS of time on my hands. Luckily I’m still in possession of my faculties and I can still type relatively fast.

    Sorry, but compassion doesn’t trump the law.

    I have tons of compassion, I just don’t see why America is responsible for the kids in Greeley who lost their parents when Swift got raided.

    The parents who CHOSE TO BREAK THE LAW have no part in this???

    If they chose to follow the law their children would not have had to witness the arrest of their parents and wonder where they would live.

    A friend of mine got busted for making meth in her garage. Her 13 year old daughter had to live thru coming home from school to se her momma in the back of a patrol car leaving her home, a home she was not allowed to enter.

    Do we let her momma out of jail simply cuz ther needed to sell meth to make ends meet? Do we make allowances cuz she had a good reason? DO we make allowances cuz her children were homeless, albeit only temporarily?

    Nope, we put her ass in jail, cuz what she did was ILLEGAL.

    Do I have compassion? Would I have taken in her kids if I knew about it at the time? Of course. You can still have compassion and justice. They’re not mutually exclusive.

    If a friend was busted for living here illegally, I would take care of their kids also.

    I have lots of compassion, but I have more respect for the law.

    Have you no respect for the law, Sym?

  25. I’m confused about the section I quoted.

    If you don’t condone crossing the border illegally, why do you champion those who illegally crossed our borders???

    Do you support forced deportation of people who crossed the border illegally?

  26. A friend of your making meth? I don’t know what’s more odd, the story or the fact you’d admit that to me.

    Children should always be the first priority. In my little utopian world people wouldn’t be making meth in the first place because greed wouldn’t dominate our desires and thoughts. Now there’s a big jump from we have nothing to connecting a bunch of hoses in your garage and manufacturing drugs. I’d of hoped we could have prevented that, but I don’t know the circumstances.

    If you’ve ever seen what meth does to people then you’d know (which you might) that a person working in a factory is far removed from one that makes a product that destroys the lives of others. That beings said I would still want to work something out so that her mother could be around. She’s didn’t kill anyone (hopefully) so I believe she could be taught to live a little better than that.

    I don’t champion those that have crossed illegally. As I’ve said not everyone crossed the border to get here. What I try to do is advocate for treating those people like human beings while recognizing they did not come here to brutalize us or crap on our laws. Even your friend got into a bad situation and ended up getting in trouble. In some societies she might be shot while a more compassionate society would work to change her life around. I’d take the latter.

  27. One could argue that those who came here illegally to work also came because of greed. In a recent post near here I was blasted for my description of the despair to which the illegals are returned. I believe the word squalor was also used.

    I was corrected by someone who supposedly knows that my characterization was not correct. That implies that Mexico is an OK place to live.

    If so, then aren’t those who come here illegally exhibiting a form of greed in wanting the big house and the big cars and all that???

    Granted, I’m stretching this a bit, but again my friend said she got into selling meth cuz they were behind in bills and risked losing the big house and nice cars.

    It’s a different degree, but there are similarities between the meth lady and the church lady…

    Why does my story shock you. Wasn’t me who made the meth… I used a life experience to illustrate a point. It’s usually the best way.

  28. The first thing you need to recognize before you start focusing on one country is something I believe you already know. Not all undocumented migrants are from Mexico.

    If we believe this comment:

    On average around 50% of people living in the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua live on less than $1 per day. In Mexico that’s about 100 pesos. The cost of one package of corn tortillas is 11.5 pesos. These folks have nothing to eat other than corn tortillas and maybe a little salt. (link)

    then it’s easy to see there’s a big difference between greed and need. I know you understand this.

    It shocked me because there aren’t many people that can say ‘my friend had a meth lab.’ That beings said I wish it never came to that. I don’t know the story, but I still feel she should be helped rather than locked away forever.

  29. I understand your bottom line but how can you defend people who receive entitlements in our country with out paying into them? I could care less who comes or goes but I do care that Citizens must pay huge sums to insurance companies for health coverage or enormous bills in hospitals without insurance while people who have come to work here illegally have free hospital visits. It needs to be fair and that is the issue. I would genuinely like to hear how that is fair for people the forfeit around 5-10 percent of their paychecks to the federal and state governments to receive public assistance and entitlements while others pay nothing and receive the same things. Thanks

  30. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are foreign intruders.

    Also, illegal immigration benefits 30 Latin Americans for every non-Latin American benificiary, it discriminates based on national origin.

    Jean Baptiste Truong
    Executive Director
    Immigrant Rights Foundation

  31. ILLEGAL immigration is NOT acceptable.
    LEGAL immigration IS acceptable.

    I deeply resent your promotion of La Raza and illegal immigration.. If you believe in La Raza’s agenda then you are not an American. If you are an American citizen, then you should be in jail for sedition. If you are an illegal alien, then you should be deported, and your website taken down.

  32. What is an American?

    The idea that a person against “illegal immigration”, people coming here out of need that are not allowed in, is for “legal immigration”, allowing some people in, is absurd. If you’re for immigration then you would allow people in. You’re for restricting immigration. Really, who isn’t for legal immigration. I think everyone should be able to come here legally.

    If you want to solve your problem ask yourself why it exists, not how high to build the walls or how many troops to put armed at the border.

    Firstly, I have not promoted La Raza’s agenda. La Raza is an organization formed in an effort to help a discriminated people rise up above white oppression. As a white person I have accepted the evils of my ancestors. Do you believe Hispanic people are not discriminated against? If you do I would certainly like to understand why you feel that way.

    Secondly, my site will remain up. I find it sad that you feel anything you don’t agree with should be destroyed. That is a very morose way to live.

  33. Symsess,

    I have just found your site, and the points you make are quite interesting and informative. I admire your reasoning, and I think you reflect what most Americans, like myself, want to feel – compassion. I have blogged several times about the poem “The New Colossus” that is displayed at the Statue of Liberty, and have often reflected on the meaning of it, the words “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” When illegals are called “trash” “filth” and “scum” by some, they are indirectly aiding in our welcoming of them. Any true American reflects those words found at the Statue of Liberty. Coincidentally, the author, Emma Lazarus, was the daughter of Portuguese Jews, who are no strangers to hatred.

    As for those who claim illegals are criminals and should go to jail, they are obviously ignorant in regards to immigration law. The law has many categories – some are criminal, like smuggling and fraud, but most are in violation only of the CIVIL section of the law (unlawful entry, overstaying a permit, etc.). A police officer does not take you to jail for speeding – he tickets you, and you either pay the fine or take defensive driving. If you fail to do either, it is a misdemeanor. If a police officer catches you stealing, he takes you to jail for a felony. Being here Illegally is not a felony – it is a misdemeanor.

    For those who say illegal aliens are a burden to taxpayers, think again. The Texas Comptroller’s office made a study a few years back that states “undocumented immigrants in Texas generate more taxes and other revenue than the state spends on them.” Here is a link: http://www.window.state.tx.us/specialrpt/undocumented/undocumented.pdf

    So, as justification for being anti-illegal erodes, the only thing that remains is violence – which is the basis of what your blog is about – compassion, understanding and non-violence. It worked for Ghandi and MLK – who died violently. Ironic.

  34. please post current comments and statements and delete this old stuff that fills the page I read your current article in our town 1 28 14 that promted me to look on computer for you but please take down old stuff im 71 years old and really don’t go on line a lot but your article of truth justice and the American way is wonderful anything good dignifyied fair and loving is from god anything else is from the other source respectfully Andrew macera 973 615 2714

  35. Hi,

    I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a helpful site for my research! And since your site helped me out so much, I wanted to point out you had a broken link on this page:

    labeled “German American Bund”.

    I also wanted to share our link that would be a good fit and work well with your other resources:


    You can never have too many references! Hope you find it as useful as I have.

    Lilly Graham

  36. Watched your youtube video telling white people to go back to Europe and comletely agree. Especially because I am white, fell in love with Europe when I visited, and never wanted to leave. However, I was deported from England for no apparant reason other than I was not there for school and was not rich. So I believe that if Europe were more accessable for whites many would leave the US (I sure would!). IMO, the leaders or owners of countries have intentionally sent the poor to America and locked them in so to speak. I have ancestors that have been in America 500 years, am told (and feel) I do not belong here (though I love the land), got kicked out of Europe, feel the racial tension, and wonder where to go. Perhaps if legislation can be passed for more whites to go to Europe that would be great and possibly a win-win solution for everyone involved. Thank you and feel free to share suggestions.

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