All statements on this blog are my opinion and I attempt to illustrate how I arrived at my opinion in each post. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any other living person or organization that has not expressly stated they agree with me. However, their agreement to one post or statement does not imply they agree with my opinion in total nor does my admission of agreement with another’s point imply that I agree with everything they stand for or opine.

As a human being I am prone to make mistakes from time to time. If I’d made a mistake about you or your group you may simply post a reply stating this or email me at symsess@yahoo.com.

The term “racist” on this blog refers to anyone that makes generalized statements about a race, nationality, or culture of people in an effort to feel superior to that group. I understand that race is a very general term, but racism is defined as making generalized statements about another group to make them appear inferior to yourself.

Hate speech is defined as any attempt to make others fear or hate another group based on generalized comments not based in specific fact. Any statement that implies a whole group of people should be feared as criminals fits into this category.

Quality of Comments

Sadly a small percentage of the few that choose to post on this site often enjoy resorting to idiotic name calling, cursing, and other nonsensical substance-lacking dialogue. If you are that type of person don’t even bother posting here.


It is never my intention to harm or defame any person in this blog. It would be counter productive to do so as it would drive away any audience I may possible someday realize. However, I will point out things about public figures and groups involved in the immigration debate which may suggest their motives for being involved are questionable. (i.e. they make racist comments on their web page, in user forums, etc. while publicly claiming that race is not an issue.)

The point of this blog is to respond to the immigrant and illegal immigrant criticism. As a US citizen I have that right and will continue to use it. In addition, I also have the protection of law which would make others liable for comments they may make about me including: I’m a traitor, I’m a Nazi, I’m a Communist, etc. These comments are all a form of libel and add nothing of value to this debate.

Harm To Others

I have not nor will I ever be involved with harassment through physical harm, phone calls, emails, etc. I rarely write outside of this blog, but will from time to time comment on other areas of the internet. I do not believe in harassing others just as I do not believe I can win supporters by practicing outright hatred towards others. I believe in the Declaration of Interdependence, in compassion, and in the idea that love conquers all. We’ve seen that hatred doesn’t work – so let’s abandon it for something that will work – caring, compassion, and unity.


1 thought on “Disclaimer”

  1. Please check out this blog on nativism and the anti-Latino climate. I am most interested in exposing so-called “respectable” sources animating the current nativism. Of particular concern is the role of Harvard professor, Samuel P. Huntington in giving legitimacy to anti-Latino nativist sentiment. If you like the blog, please hyperlink and I will return the favor. You may find it at: http://eristic-ragemail.blogspot.com/

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