Dogs In Danger

Dogs in Danger Blue

In an effort to promote the compassionate treatment of all living things I wanted to dedicate a section of this blog to dogs in need of help.

Chico was turned into the shelter by his owners because of his excessive barking. He is not good with children or other animals. He is okay with adults he knows. He is very handsome and is good on a leash.

Chip originally came to the AHS as a stray. He was here at the shelter for a bit and then adopted out. He was a great dog other then the fact that he was unable to be housebroken. He is good with children and other animals.

Bandit came to us as a stray and is about 8 years old. Very nice dog in need of a loving home.

At barely 9 months old, Dolly is a happy-go-lucky puppy whose mission in life is to have FUN !

Sammy: 3 yr old black & tan male, small, neutered, docked tail and uncropped ears. Shots up-to-date.


12 thoughts on “Dogs In Danger

  1. What do Dogs have to do with “hate speech, propaganda, and fear tactics being used by the anti-”illegal” immigrant groups”

    I find the seeming comparison revolting, racist and downright wrong.

  2. From Chico’s link above…

    “As part of our adoption process, we must have proof of residency. ”

    Does this mean that your favorite animal shelter won’t allow your favorite ILLEGAL immigrant to adopt one of their dogs???

    Priceless. Simply priceless. 😉

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is a CRIME, that’s why they call it ILLEGAL.

    Do the crime, do the time.


  3. What does your comment have to do with dogs that need help? I stated my reasons for including dogs for adoption above. Aside from that I’m a vegan and an animal rights activists. However, I focus on this as there are many other good people working with to help animals.

    I do help with feral cat rescue as well. Is there something evil to say about that?

    Also, ‘proof of residency’ simply means proving you have a place for the animal to live. However, that comment has no place her and is simply another attempt for you to be hostile and nasty.

    What I find strange about people with your views is you fail to acknowledged that real people, both citizens and migrants, are effected here. Your goal is not to help Americans, but to gain some sort of personal satisfaction through dominating me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an ALIPACer as you only came by after I prominently wrote about the ALIPAC radio show. Since then you’ve left your dropping all over the place including a portion of my blog meant to help dogs in shelters. That’s priceless, but in a gross and abhorred way.

    I’ll give you a chance to respond, but I won’t be keeping your comments in this portion of my blog.

  4. An animal rights activist vegan, eh? I shoulda known.

    Since you brought it up, are you aware of the dichotomy between homo sapien dentition and veganism?

    How about homo sapien eye structure and veganism?

    It’s in your genes, Baby… it’s in your genes.

    Vincent Vega was right… bacon tastes good, sausage tastes good… Ask Jessica, Real Women eat MEAT.

    I am an NRA life member and a charter member of People Eating Tasty Animals, ’97.

    Of course I hunt. My favorite prey is gopher (Western Rocky Mountain Spotted Ground Squirrels) in the Big Hole River valley in western Montana, shot with an AR-15 derivative.

    No, I don’t eat gopher (yuck) I kill them for sport. Our friends the scavengers have to eat too, ya know. Nothing is wasted in nature.

    Momma bought me my first assault rifle at 13. Scary huh? I’m the NRA and I VOTE.

    Tom Tancredo is my representative. Had to be, right?

    I’m sure we both agree on the importance of the first amendment. I’m sure we differ on the second, but Tony did a good job of flushing the liberal view on the second down the commode, dontcha think.

    I’m so glad I found your blog. Someone has to stem the bleeding of your collective hearts and dispel the rumor of racism being the issue.

    It’s simply and solely about the law.

    Do the crime, do the time (or pay the fine if that’s what the law states)


    Don’t forget to fill me in on your thoughts on dentition and occular architecture with respect to veganism, Sym…

    LaRaza and ELF… two peas in a pod.

  5. As to saving cats and dogs, I have two felines and one canine, all from shelters. The dog had several health issues, but I’m not one to simply put them down. I do what I can, and I salute your comments and work for pets.

    But I still love to shoot gophers.

  6. What’s an ALIPAC?

    I just found you while researching the lady in the church in Chicago.

    I’m just trying to dispel the lies and enlighten some on the real issue… It’s the law.

    Apologies for the multiple posts, but I’m complex…

  7. Speaking of stray cats, do you have any idea why cats who were raised strays are so skittish???

    We have two, both females. A tuxedo who we got early, or so we guess, is the most relaxed cat I’ve ever seen. NOTHING fazes her.

    The tortoise / domestic shorthair, on the other hand, was rescued along with her momma and several other siblings in a barn. She is the antithesis of the tuxedo, constantly on vigil, on a hair trigger, always has both ears cocked.

    Any thoughts as to the different behavior?

  8. I’m not sure what your point about human anatomy and physiology in regard to veganism, but my 4 years in and my neice’s being a vegetarian her whole life (born from a man and woman who have been vegetarians for about 15 years) tell me all I need to know about the necessity of meat in one’s diet. At one time it may have been necessary to hunt, but now animals are simply abused for food. Most meat eaters at least don’t agree with factory farms which are atrocious.

    You recognize that animals have feelings (skittish which means they experience fear) yet you fail to have any sensitivity for some of them. But this isn’t a vegan blog so you can have that discussion elsewhere. However, the desire to watch something die and the idea that you actually enjoy it speaks volumes to me.

    As far as stray cats being skittish – those in the wild, stray and feral, learn to survive outside and part of that is always being on defense. Though I have seen cats and raccoons eating together so even they are capable of getting along.

    I’m not sure if you really want to know my thoughts or if you’re taunting me so I’ll simply say thanks for your helping those cats and giving them a home. I recently helped someone trap and what was meant to be a TNR situation became a TN and keep situation. The cats is a bit skittish just like yours, but is coming around rather quickly.

    I’d find it hard to believe you’ve never heard of ALIPAC and your asking “what is an ALIPAC” seems to be phrased in a way that suggested a feigned ignorance, but hey I could be wrong.

    Just to emphasize. I enjoy the dialogue when it’s not simply meant to put me or this blog down, but lets stick to the topic at hand. I write stories and you can feel free to comment about those stories. That being said I have a right to be a vegan and you have a right to eat meat. Also, this blog is not about rescuing dogs or discussing animal issues. There are many blogs out there which talk about these issues and I’m sure they’d be happy for the extra voice.

  9. I apologize, but I’m clueless as to all the pro illegal and anti illegal groups. Advocacy groups are, by and large, folks who don’t have a real job to go to, or lawyers sucking on the advocacy teat.

    I just know we can’t go on doing it the way we are, and feel that the quickest solution os to make the borders non-porous and kick out those who didn’t come here according to the policies and laws set by out elected officials.

    I came here to debate also, but IMHO you seem to cherry pick a statement I made, toss out a canned or semi-canned response and ignore everything else I’ve said.

    Up to a real point-by-point, or is this all propaganda?

    I really do like animals, tho. Gave up hunting deer… still love the gopher shooting, tho. Hey, no one’s perfect.

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