Thousands rally for immigration reform – Washington DC

Thousands rally for immigration reform – Check out the pictures from the Washington Post.


Immigration rally scheduled in Washington March 21, 2010

Obama claimed immigration reform would be a part of his first year plans; yet, nothing has been done other than hiring Napolitano as head of Homeland Security. Today a large march is scheduled to show Washington that a strong effort needs to be made to show the United States cares about human rights.

Immigration rally scheduled in Washington – CNN

Washington (CNN) — Thousands of people are expected to pour into Washington for a Sunday rally demanding immigration reform, launching the first public battle over the issue since the announcement of a new bipartisan plan endorsed by President Obama.

Local Activists Prepare For D.C. Immigration Reform Rally at NY1

Dow Wants You to Run for Water – Run to Them

After recently watching the Yes Men film titled The Yes Men Fix The World I have come to abhor the whole Live Earth Run for Water campaign and the crony celebrities which are touting this as a great event. With a vested interest in water purification it’s no wonder Dow wants to be a part of this. It would be like Chevron sponsoring a Nascar event. If you are a celebrity pushing this run you should be ashamed of yourself for not investigating this company and speaking out. Dow is one of the world’s worst polluters and is directly responsible for much of our drinking water issues. Next I guess these celebrities will pair up with Wal-Mart and Nike to end sweat-shop labor then move on to work with FAIR to end abuses to undocumented migrants. Nice.

jessica biel, pete wentz, dow live earth run for water

Since it was announced ten days ago that Dow Chemical would join 2010’s version of Al Gore’s “Live Earth” I’ve been concerned about the Nobel Prize winner’s sense of direction. For several years Dow has been sponsoring “Run For the Planet” marathons, in an effort to draw attention to the world’s need for clean drinking water. Which is a good thing. The downside is that around the world Dow chemical plants are among the worst polluters of nearby drinking water and air. (link)

Of course Dow’s support of “Live Earth” (I’m hoping to find out how much cash they’re putting into the event) is not completely altruistic or even out of guilt. It’s about growing its business. Turns out they have a sizable water purification business – Dow Water and Process Solutions – they are hoping to grow “by double digits” and participation in “Live Earth” is simply good advertising.

Dow Live Earth Run For Water – Bhopal Disaster

jessica biel, pete wentz, dow live earth run for water

While the Dow chemical company gets celebrities like Jessica Biel to support their Live Earth Run for Water this April they refuse to provide help to those people effected by the chemical plant explosion of a company they profited from, Union Carbide. Still, to this day, the water in Bhopal is full of harmful chemicals yet Dow, with all its financial power, has done nothing but reject any responsibility.

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National Meatout Day. Or Is It?

Today is National Meatout Day – a day to asking those that eat meat to abstain for one day and see what other options are out there. All across the county groups are gathering to education on the joys of a meat free diet.

As a vegan I talk about my dietary preference to anyone who is curious. Most people will agree that the way animals are treated is abhorred and should be changed. Of course, that’s not always enough to encourage a switch, but at least I can see they have some level of compassion.

Given most people at least understand the ill treatment of animals it is rather disturbing to see Michigan representative Dave Camp has retaliated against National Meatout day proclaiming today as National American Meat and Poultry appreciation day. Isn’t poultry meat? I guess Dave really loves chicken and wants to make sure we don’t confuse the general term for animal flesh, meat, with the grotesque name given to chicken flesh, poultry. Rather cleverly Dave throws in American which is actually nice considering he wants to include so many other countries. Similarly, National Meatout Day is being celebrated all over the globe, but I imagine no other person is so cruel as to proclaim the day National Cow and Chicken Torture day as Dave has.

Dave Camp cited the following as his reasoning:

“No one can dispute the fact that agriculture, including the meat and poultry industry, has buoyed the Michigan economy through an extremely difficult period,” Camp said in a statement.
He noted the $15 billion meat and poultry industry in the state supports 136,000 families.

So murdering animals is great because it got you through a hard time? Maybe Dave needs to check out the fact that meat consumption leads to many diseases and general ill health. Well, I guess that’s ok, because it will keep doctor’s paid well and ensure they don’t have their own financial crisis.

The idea that one would appreciate dead flesh seems a bit Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein. But then again we could view this as a day to actually appreciate those wonderful animals that provide that meat to the masses and just abstain from eating them – just for one day – is that too much to ask?

In the article Granholm spokeswoman Tiffany Brown said.

“We suggest that people should not take this too seriously, and we remind everyone that with March Madness upon us, there will be a lot of chicken wings and burgers consumed on Saturday as people follow the NCAA tournament.”

I found this quite appropriate as it is shear madness to condone the torture and murder of animals. But, that’s our society. We bathe in the blood of other countries, why not bathe in animal blood too?