LaRouche Advocating Assasination of Obama?

If you’re not familiar with LaRouche you may at least know of the posters showing Obama with a Hitler mustache. Those poster are generated by his group, LaRouch PAC, and show his complete disdain for the man. Though LaRouche usually hates anyone in office (believing he should be) his disgust for Obama goes levels above his feelings of other past presidents.

In a recent post LaRouche essentially states that Obama should leave office or he will be assasinated. In an altruistic tone LaRouche states this in an effort to “help” Obama. It seems to me that LaRouche is asking for Obama to either leave office lest he be assassinated. Currently LaRouche is forging a campaign to impeach Obama, but I guess he’ll take Obama’s loss of presidency in any form.

We’re in an environment like that before JFK’s assassination, and President Obama should cut his bravado out now. His ego is his biggest vulnerability, and if he wants to survive, he should restrict his activity, and keep himself safe. LaRouche Reiterates Danger of Assassination Attempt on Obama

Not my usual type of post, but it needs to be addressed. LaRouche is a hard nut to crack and though he seems to have a few good ideas the majority are a wackadoodle mass of anger and intolerance – from asking for “ghetto” [sic] youth to be sent to working camps to using the likeness of our world’s most heinous killer to show his hated of Obama.