LaRouche Advocating Assasination of Obama?

If you’re not familiar with LaRouche you may at least know of the posters showing Obama with a Hitler mustache. Those poster are generated by his group, LaRouch PAC, and show his complete disdain for the man. Though LaRouche usually hates anyone in office (believing he should be) his disgust for Obama goes levels above his feelings of other past presidents.

In a recent post LaRouche essentially states that Obama should leave office or he will be assasinated. In an altruistic tone LaRouche states this in an effort to “help” Obama. It seems to me that LaRouche is asking for Obama to either leave office lest he be assassinated. Currently LaRouche is forging a campaign to impeach Obama, but I guess he’ll take Obama’s loss of presidency in any form.

We’re in an environment like that before JFK’s assassination, and President Obama should cut his bravado out now. His ego is his biggest vulnerability, and if he wants to survive, he should restrict his activity, and keep himself safe. LaRouche Reiterates Danger of Assassination Attempt on Obama

Not my usual type of post, but it needs to be addressed. LaRouche is a hard nut to crack and though he seems to have a few good ideas the majority are a wackadoodle mass of anger and intolerance – from asking for “ghetto” [sic] youth to be sent to working camps to using the likeness of our world’s most heinous killer to show his hated of Obama.


What’s The Message?

While Palin has often claimed that Obama doesn’t say much (though he is ‘eloquent’) the truth is Palin says nothing at all of any real worth. Her job is apparently to rile crowds into racist and terrorist remarks and threats through speaking of “our values” and “our beliefs”. On this issue McCain had nothing to say at the final debate other than he didn’t agree with it. But surely he’s more than happy to have Palin rile up these crowds if it means a vote.

I believe, quite simply put, that McCain equals irresponsibility. His party’s rallies remind me too much of anti-migrant rallies. It’s actually quite scary and one should note how McCain is always spewing hateful rhetoric even when he’s trying to be positive. If he (or Palin) is talking about keeping the world ‘safe’ – he’s singing “bomb, bomb Iran” and if they’re talking about ‘Main street’ then they’re claiming that those neighbors of yours that ‘just don’t work hard enough’ are your enemy. And surely the migrants are your enemy because the poor are always the enemy. Just ask The Heritage Foundation who is proping up McCain through their ‘study’ on his tax plan.

When it comes to Palin’s constant talk about “our values” and “our beliefs” I have to ask what this has to do with the Presidency. If the idea of America is that you are free then why do we need Palin pushing her beliefs on us? And speaking of what we stand for and the struggling ‘common man/woman’ should we all get shopping sprees in New York that go over $100k? I love to hear the McCain/Palin ticket hawk the idea that Obama wants to take the money of those without while McCain is worth millions upon millions and Palin is now being showered with wardrobes worth more than the average home.

As far as I’m concerned if you vote for McCain you need your head checked. He’s manipulating truth just like Bush does and even Buchanan thinks McCain will make Bush look like Gandhi.

NY election mix-up: ‘Osama’ on the ballot – AP

NY election mix-up: ‘Osama’ on the ballot – AP

It’s quite obvious Obams won’t be getting any breaks. Whether it’s news reporters referring to him as Osama or election officials placing Osama on the ballot it seems the desire to manipulate is ever present.

More and more I hope people see that those in control of Wall Street, The Media and our government cannot be trusted. It’s about time we got someone into office that will actually care about us.

White Supremacists Slander Shenandoah Rally? – Save Shenandoah

It gets awfully old and tired to keep pointing out the obvious, but it must be done. The site “Save Shenandoah” claims that it nor the site Voice of the People USA has nothing to do with White Supremacists; yet, you can clearly read white supremacist statements by two of the people that post in their (VOPUSA) guestbook.  Truly, not everyone their participates in this ill talk, but it’s irresponsible for them to claim it doesn’t exist there when it does.

Are ALL of them white supremacists? I don’t think I’d go that far nor do I have any proof, but they definitely have bad judgment and care little for those that suffer. At least one person aligned with VOPUSA spent a great deal of time belittling Luis Ramirez and his fiance Crystal Dillman.

Apparently a flier placed in driveways of residents in Roxbury, NJ recently which claimed the Shenandoah rally, held last month, was an Anti-Mexican rally. While it’s not hard to find examples of anti-Mexican sentiment by some of the people who participate in these groups (some also belong to ALIPAC) I did not see that rally as anti-Mexican. However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to make the assertion that it was pro-white or pro-white European established citizens.

When a group can use your actions to promote hatred then you should really look at what you’re doing. If you were helping senior citizens rake their leaves and held a gathering to do this it would be really hard for someone to use that in promoting hate.

Here is an image from the flier handed out:

Here is an image on the site PA Pundits which has at least on member in VOPUSA:

While this is a widely circulated image both of these sources are trying to use the image to state that Obama is a ghetto crack-smoking black man.  Really, the image at PA Pundits is worse than the flier in that it calls Obama a “crackhead.”  So it’s really odd to see the Save Shenandoah crowd so upset that their rally was billed as “anti-Mexican” by the group that handed out the fliers, The League of American Patriots.

While most people see the stunts of all these groups as terrible and ridiculous I can only take solace in the fact that they refuse to see this as they keep marching on ahead.  They wonder why they’re seen in such an ill light the same way a smoker loses their sense of smell and can’t tell they stink.

Dying In The Fields: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

For the nation’s migrant farmworkers, high temps creating a “Black Summer” at Latina Lista. Tragically the people who give us life through working the fields are experience much physical stress and five have died in three months.

Sadly, even with these deaths, new stories of workers being misled, taken advantage of, forced to live in squalor conditions, deprived of sufficient water, breaks and shade, exposed to lethal pesticides and dangerous equipment are heard every week.

Democracy Now featured a story of illegal tactics used by U.S recruiters yesterday. In one case the recruiter, rather than being punished, was made commander of a recruiting center. Given that most see the Iraq war as terrible and unjust it’s no wonder nobody’s signing up to go. U.S. Military Recruitment Tactics: Kidnapping High School Kids? at Dream Act Texas. If they need new soldiers let Bush and his cabinet go fight. Also read Postville: Child Labor isn’t Kosher on charges that Agriprocessors violated child labor laws.

Surprise, surprise at Open Borders Lobby on the new plan by ICE to have people deport themselves known as “Scheduled Departure.” We’re not too surprised to find out nobody showed up. Why? Because it’s a ridiculous idea put together by an agency that realizes it can have no effect in a country that refuses to address the issues (or reasons) rather than the symptoms.

“No Human is Illegal” on the article by Peter Rachleff at Anti-BVBL.

Zuky gives us the next installment of the Chinese Experience in Chinese American Experience, Part 3: Donaldina Cameron.

Arab-Bashing Extremist Dropped by Libertarians at Hatewatch.

After a brief fling, the Libertarian Party has officially dumped its U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky – former “Predator” movie star Sonny Landham – whose support of genocide against Arabs was apparently too much for the “party of principle.”

What Happens When Local Cops Become Immigration Agents? Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Immigration-Enforcement Activities Impact Budget, Arrest Rates and Response Times at Immigration Prof Blog. This post links to a OnPoint article detailing the investigation. It seems that the negative effects of Arpaios tactics include longer response times, high costs to the public and less attention, and arrests, for other serious crimes. One thing I didn’t realize is that under the anti-smuggling law a person can be arrested for smuggling themselves.

The End of Citizenship? will be published soon as a review of, and rebuttal to, Peter Spiro’s new book Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization (Oxford Univ. Press 2008)which apparently attempts to argue the devaluation of American citizenship amongst other nativist claims. Also a reader gives an account of Some Unknown Economic Impacts of this Nation’s “Enforcement Only” Approach to Immigration? and Protect them, protect us on the execution of foreign nationals by the U.S.

He needed killin’ at Latino Politics Blog.

The Lonestar State has put another man to death, but this time, it violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by failing to inform Jose Ernesto Medellin, a Mexican national, of his right to seek assistance from the Mexican Consulate.

Self Deportation program did not work at Pro Inmigrant and Undocumented Immigrants boolster social security retirement.

Update: Mexican’s Death Bares a Town’s Ethnic Tension at Standing FIRM.

In an article from yesterday, the Times explores the ethnic tensions that have been brought out by the murder and Shenandoah’s proximity to Hazelton, where an anti-immigrant measure was passed last year.

Also Mr. President, Stop your Raids on our Communities, VIDEO: Immigration Detention in 2008 and Operation Scheduled Departure is a ‘PR Stunt’.

McCain Gets Punk’d by Paris at The Unapologetic Mexican.

No volunteers yet in San Diego for self-deportation at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights.

Of Comic Books, Immigrants, and Eternal Fascism at Wild Chihuahuas.

Latin@s Underrepresented on Olympic Team at Vivir Latino and Hiroshima’s Legacy : 63 Years Later. Some Mujeres Are Worth Protecting More Than Others where we read Michael Savage’s recent disgusting quote:

[Y]ou turn on the cable news, they’re covering again a missing child. Not a missing country but a missing child. … We hear about the rape of a woman, but not about the rape of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is crying, she’s been raped and disheveled — raped and disheveled by illegal aliens

Facebook used to aid LGBT asylum cases in Canada at Immigration Equality.

Missing McCain – No Answer To The Sanctuary’s Questionnaire

When given an opportunity to send a clear message to voters not every candidate takes it. The Editors of the pro-migrant group The Sanctuary sent out a questionnaire to both Obama and McCain in hopes of securing a firm platform from both candidates on immigration, foreign policy and workers rights. While the questionnaire was returned completed by the Obama campaign McCain and his staff seemed to have written it off as a waste of their time. When calls were made to the McCain camp they placed a member of The Sanctuary on hold and eventually hung up on her. Nowhere in politics, driven by the people, should this be acceptable.

It’s worth mentioning that McCain has already lost support of the 80-20 Initiative failing to fill out a questionnaire they sent him. Largest Asian-American PAC Endorses Obama – The Huffington Post. Hopefully this isn’t a strategy McCain wants to repeat.

If McCain wants to show he’s willing to listen to the people he’d better start doing it now lest he have no chance at all. Given the momentum of the Obama campaign it’s baffling that McCain, or his staff, wouldn’t take a few hours to fill out this questionnaire. It’s both quicker and cheaper than putting together a commercial and guaranteed to have as big an impact.

C’mon McCain. We know you can do it.

Deadline passes and McCain campaign refuses to answer Latino bloggers’ questionnaire- From Latina Lista

Obama Campaign Responds to Quesionnaire on Immigration. McCain Camp Can’t be Bothered – From Vivir Latino

Obama Campaign RespondsS To Survey On Immigration Reform/Public Policy, McCain Campaign Silent – From CrossLeft

McCain still refusing to clarify position on immigration – From Migra Matters

Obama Responds to Immigration Policy Questions, McCain Avoids Them – From Standing Firm

No Human Being Is Illegal: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

No Human Being Is Illegal, by Professor Peter Rachleff, at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights. (direct link to article)

The Changing Face of American Immigrants at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American on Somalian refugees coming to call America home.

The Sorrow and the Pity at Wild Chihuahuas.

For the last several weeks, I have been rendered pretty much mute by the sheer scale of injustice, corruption, cynicism, and, yes, treason, represented by the US establishment’s response to illegal immigration.

Latino Soldier’s Sad Homecoming at Vivir Latino. Also Undocumented Residents of Hurricane Impacted Areas Need to “be careful” with FEMA and Texas Thumbs Nose to International Community, Set to Execute Mexican National.

When we are talking about Tax evasion, Identity Theft. What comes to your mind? at Pro Inmigrant. Also The beat goes on and on. We had been scapegoated as a Criminals, offenders, Rapists, Invaders, and know suspects of Marriage Fraud and Enforcing the Law doesn’t give Authority to Violating Human and Civil rights.!!!!!!

Just How Arbitrary Is Immigration? Scientist to be deported for imperfect profile photos at Eristic Ragemail.

Just how arbitrary and inflexible is U.S. Immigration? So arbitrary that they are about to deport a scientist with a top security clearance who has been working to make us safe from bio-terrorism because of bureaucratic snafus that would rival Joseph Heller (Catch 22).

VIDEO: Vigil Held for Luis Ramirez at Standing FIRM. Also Immigrants Facing Deportation by U.S. Hospitals and Officials Defend “How-to” Manual Uncovered by ACLU.

Terrible story of racism at Anti-BVBL in Learn the Rules of the Road? This comment, plus a derogatory one, was made by a police officer which is odd sense breaking the rules is what keeps them employed.

McCain’s Brain Freeze at American Taíno.

In Blast from the past read a little about Random Hero at American Wetback.

“Damn good scientist” faces deportation at Bender’s Immigration Bulletin. (link to news source here.)

Barack Obama on LGBT families at Blabbeando.

McCain and the Race Card at Blog For Arizona.

Has Italy Gone Mad? 3,000 soldiers deployed for crackdown on illegal immigration and crime at Dream Act Texas.

New Immigration Articles at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Comments on Basic Pilot/E-Verify, More on Independent Contractor Hiring and Immigrants on a group that had to protest in order to be paid and Integration or Assimilation? on a new bill set to make DHS help integrate immigrants through education. I’m not sure how that will work out, but it would be nice to see DHS educating people rather than sending ICE to raid their places of employment.

Effective Immigration Reform Must Go Beyond Creating New Deportation Programs at the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Call to Action – Join the Latino/Hispanic AIDS Action Agenda at Nuestra Voice. Also Loving the Latino Voter on the current support for Obama.